Feel it all around

Something I have been craving, a man I have been dreaming of seeing for several years. To the point that when I met Chaz Bundick I actually asked him questions about what Ernest Greene is like. I know…

But the point of this post is that it finally happened! Washed out came to Brighton, so we got tickets and marched on down to the sea front to Concorde 2. This was a sweet relief because just a few days earlier Deerhunter were meant to be playing this venue, however, their UK/EU tour was cancelled. I didn’t cry but I might have had a bit of a tantrum…

Back to the night of dreams… being super keen we arrived around 8 p.m, and to tell you the truth the place was pretty empty. Us Baby Bear Bones were playing some amazing opening music, the way the lead singer hit her drum really caught my attention. To my dismay, they stopped playing after I had only heard about one and a half songs. I was disappointed, but this band happens to be local (and their name is even painted on the wall of Sticky Mike’s) so if I get a chance, I will definitely go to one of their shows. They made an impression.

Amateur Best was next. A man with a keyboard, a horn, a few other gadgets, and a voice. What a voice. I didn’t really know what was happening, it was all so different. It felt almost awkward, watching this guy sing his heart out, but the crowd was growing steadily and he didn’t seem to have any insecurities. I was doubtful at first, but impressed nonetheless. Mainly because he could actually play that horn really well, and captivate an audience.

And then it began. Washed Out came, first his band started playing , then Ernest ran out, looking like quite the hippy with his shoulder length hair and bohemian look, guitar around his shoulder. I will admit, I didn’t listen to much of his newest album Parocasm. I was surprised when he actually didn’t make it his sole focus of the show.

He played the old stuff, what I really wanted to hear. Get Up, Feel it All Around, and Belong were in there as well. I hadn’t felt so zen in a long time. I closed my eyes and swayed and smiled. Sipped my beer, and got slightly annoyed when some lads held up their camera phone for 30 seconds too long. But for the most part, I was extremely relaxed, because that is just what Washed Out does to me.

Afterwards, I was so starry eyed that upon walking into the smoking section and faced with several smiles and North American accents, I just began speaking to his band. Without realizing they were his band until about a minute into the conversation. Embarrassing? Slightly. But we were just too busy bonding over our roots. And I was still floating outside of my body most likely.

I mean, it’s been nearly a week and I’m still dreaming of the moment he stepped on stage.

So I will just leave this here.

Happy Wednesday!


Sarnia Time

Well I have been in Sarnia since Saturday night and it’s already been quite an interesting visit. Sometimes scary, but nonetheless interesting. Before I even got here I flipped over the handlebars of my Devinci St. Tropez on Somerset on Friday. I scuffed myself up quite nicely. I have several bruises and cuts to show for it…

When I arrived home I had The Shins in my ears and The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee in my eyes. Don’t make fun, it’s a solid read. Especially after Lullabies For Little Criminals. I was not expecting much but the rents took me to Boston pizza for a pint and a pizza! so that was awesome, trains make me crave ridiculous amounts of food.

Since I like myself a good live show I figured the Trinity would be a pretty good choice. It was midnight but there were still musicians. I only saw one band’s set before I was pulled away by my excited/drunk friends for a little shindig up and around the corner. Where? Well obviously the port…a few first timers joined the crowd and it was interesting to hear one Westerner say, “wow, these are tough economic times…these girls will do anything for a toonie.”

I know what you’re thinking…

After a few beers it was time to leave. Ah, mothers day arrived. What better to ring it in then at the strip joint?…

I hope you had a fantastic mothers day because mine ended on a rather sour note. After a nice lunch and a trip to some small towns (Bothwell, Dresden, Wallaceburg, etc) my mother received a call from my Aunt and Grandmother. On their way home a guy ran a stop sign and hit them, destroying my Aunt’s car, which she really needed for MOVING next weekend…

No one was badly hurt, but no one is happy either.

If you thought this was the end of the excitement, you are dead wrong, my friend.

Just about a half hour ago I was curled up in a ball in my bedroom, with my mother on the phone and her on her cell phone with the neighbour. Why? Well, there was a tall man at my door, banging and banging for a solid ten minutes. Am I a paranoid freak? No, because why should I answer the door to a stranger who is currently trying to bust down my door? Nervous wreck over here, thanks. But anyways, I waited for him to leave, and my mom called the police. Then a man calls me. It’s a police officer. He says it was him at my door, looking for…Braydon? Branden? “Sorry, wrong address.”

Um, DUDE! Get your numbers right.

There you have it. Two days in Sarnia = a lifetime of excitement.

But hey, enough about me…how about something else?

Even though my life is currently being consumed by Causers of This and High Times …I do promise I will move on before I wear the records out.

So what happened? Well The National has a new album. Do you care? If you love the hot mess that Matt Berninger is, then you have most likely been dying for the release of High Violet. It scored an 8.7 on pitchfork, so take from you will from that… I don’t know if they have worn themselves out yet, but either way, if Matt’s worn out we’re all still drunk, having a good ole time, and maybe even destroying guitars and microphone stands.

image via Pitchfork

I have found myself slowly dripping into the electronic scene, with school over, the mellow beats that I have grown used to during essay-writing season have been worn out. I’ve always been a fan of electronic but lately it is ALL I have been listening to. Not only that, but I really needed an i-tunes revamp after some changes in my life. I stumbled across some things I really like in the past year. Some might be old news but I am over that.

1. Memory Tapes. AKA Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes. We could call it chillwave but I don’t think anyone REALLY likes that term…Seek Magic is pretty solid. But I don’t think I have to tell you that. It’s been spinning for long enough.

image via living ears

2. Neon Indian.Psychic Chasms could bring you back to the warmth that we call summer. I can see it now: me riding a bicycle, wearing a big sunhat, and loving every moment of sun-filled life. Can I just say, the song “Terminally Chill” not only has a great feel, but a great title. It could be a summer anthem.

3. Washed Out. Heaven in your ears. Need I say more?

4. Do I need to repeat my love for this guy? Toro Y Moi will change your life. Just listen to “Talamak” once and your heart will melt for Chaz.

5. When I pre-ordered Air France last summer I knew a love affair would ensue. It’s been about eight months I think and we’re still going strong.

image via forthebeat.com

6. Cyann & Ben. not quite electronic, not quite folk. Not quite sure. But either way, it’s relaxing.

7. “Can You Dicover” basically got my life started last summer, because Ra Ra Riot’s “Can you Tell” remixed is to die for. Basically Discovery is amazing. Wes Miles AND Rostam Batmanglij. Together? YES! Basically life is complete! Listen to the whole LP because you will dance without even realizing.

8. Four Tet. Beauty wedged into the crevices of what we call an album.

9. Prefuse 73. Electronic-hip-hop hybrid. You can dig.

I think that’s the end of it for today, but I am FAR from being done.

In the words of Karin Dreijer Andersson…