Traveling in style.

As of right now I am on a train. It is one that I was not meant to be on, but thanks to VIA rail I had no choice. I missed my connection by 4 minutes.

I have been doing a lot of traveling this month, hence my lack of blog posts. I had my lovely vacation, a weekend in Niagara Falls/Sarnia for a bachelorette party, and now I am off to the home town once again for the wedding. I am extremely excited about our bridesmaid dresses because they are actually amazing and beautiful. Luckily the bride to be loves us enough to let us rock a fabulous long red strapless gown.

But all of this traveling got me thinking about some serious staples when it comes to boarding all those planes, trains and automobiles. What do I need to look great while on the move? Well, I just couldn’t give in to sweats…or looking sweaty. I haven’t hit that low just yet…and I hope I never do.

First of all…keeping yourself fresh:

Call me a sucker but I love this stuff. A cool blast for a dewy look. Avene also makes travel size facial sprays.

As for keeping  matte look, clinique is my tried and true. I usually have one at home and one stashed in my purse.

Then there is the concern of what to wear. Comfort is key. What works best for me lately has been a flowy dress with a knit cardigan, or dark coloured shorts paired with a loose fitting knit top.

Urban Outfitters

American Eagle

Forever 21

Forever 21

And I always need my medium size satchel with me. It fits just enough…book, wallet, shades, etc. I really love this one below so so much, although it it out of my price range.

Proenzea Schouler

I have opted for a cute leather brown satchel by Mondani New York. I happened to stumble upon it at Winners just last year. It has a drawstring and can even be converted into a back pack. Amazing.

Finally we get to shoes. I prefer something simple and not too high. Such as flats or gladiators. My classic choice will forever be my white keds, although they aren’t exactly white anymore.

These were my choice just last week as I made my journey back to the capital!

Shoes from aldo

That concludes my time here for now. But I have some rather awesome purchases that I would care to share with you all in coming weeks.


Three wonderful things to bring back for spring!

Seeing as the past few days have been so sunny, I have decided it’s time to really bring out the spring wardrobe favourites. Today I brought back the following, and it felt so good!

1. Despite my inability to give up my favourite black pants (which ripped the other night while on a dancing spree with Justine, but were quickly replaced), I am happy to bring out the floral prints! A floral print skirt is always a good option.

Of course, I am a picky girl, and a print has to be JUST right. Otherwise I will have no guilt when I say “that’s tacky.” Truth. Floral is tricky, and I’ve seen it done wonderfully…and terribly.

Urban Outfitters

2. Denim jackets. This also goes well with a floral skirt! One of my favourite things is a solid denim jacket, you really have to have one. I don’t see any other way to live.


3. I love a classic sneaker. Keds and Converse are an ultimate favourite, and I have been overjoyed by wearing them both this week! Keds can also work well with a cute dress/skirt when you’re not feeling flats or heels. They come in a ton of colours, but lets be honest, I can only deal with red, white or blue.


What are you bringing back from the depths of your closet? It’s been a long winter!


Floral dresses in the winter

This might not seem practical, especially living in Ottawa! But I have found a way to make it work and actually stay warm. It is the wonderful thing that is called layering. Mastering the art of layering is tricky, and sometimes leaves you looking like a hobo. But fear not…there are way around this.

This is my favourite look this winter!

Start with tights and socks.

H&M tights are pretty thick!


But if you want to pair them with knee highs, I strongly suggest a skin toned tight, makes for a better look.

Calvin Klein

Time to put on the dress! Oh floral print, how I love you.

But if there is one rule, avoid floral tank dresses. Much too summery for right now, despite all the layering ahead! I prefer short sleeved and flowy!



Not exactly floral, but this is the style I usually go for..

Urban Outfitters

Now we’ve got the dress, time to add some denim. What did you expect, especially from myself!?

Baggy is better. My favourite oversized denim shirt is by Ralph Lauren. So delicious. Also, light wash is preferable in my case. Oh, and always leave the denim undone, so as to show off the dress!

Ralph Lauren

Top Shop

Up next, a cardigan on a chilly day. The chunkier the better.

Urban Outfitters

love all of these styles! via Refinery29

Now for the finishing touches before heading out the door!

1. A good boot


My feet cannot lie…these boots are to die for. I love love love them! Best of my purchases this winter, and pretty impressive for Aldo.

Nine West

2. A sweet scarf

Urban Outfitters

Cable knit rules. No questions.

3. A long jacket

Nothing like a killer wool jacket to keep you warm and fuzzy.


Your look is complete. Hope you like it!


Fall is here, so I am happy to welcome my leather boots back into my life.

I would like the weather to stay a bit warm for now though. I’m having trouble letting go of a few things…


But alas I must eventually. It’s a hard time, when the seasons change. But I always try to look on the bright side…chunky sweaters and knits are finally going to be freed from the confines of my closet. I think they will be pleased to get a peak at the great outdoors.

I’m moving into the new season with a different look. Darker colours, but lets be honest, I own a lot of grey and black. BUT my newest addition to not my wardrobe but my makeup case is a rather sultry red lipstick. I never thought I would, but alas, this weekend I slipped into MAC red and fell in love. FYI the paler you are the better it wears. It’s actually making me want to lose colour…
And to go with your intense lips you want a simple eye.
black liner it is. If you do it just right you don’t need and eyeshadow, maybe a neutral colour but personally, I dig a thick black line on its own. Beef up your lashes and your set.
my new favourite:
And to kick off with a tune…
it reminds me of being warm on a beach somewhere.

All I want for christmas

I guess the way we do Christmas around these parts involves a little less surprise than most people. We just like to know that we’re giving you what you want! No disappointments, just pure pleasure.

I’m excited, and online shopping makes me happy. Here’s the link, Ma!

I’ve always wanted a DVD that features my friend on the cover!! Yay, Nick

Because I lost one last weekend… sadness

Merry Christmas!!!