Fabulous finds: thrifting in Ottawa

One of my favourite things to do when I have a little spare time is to check out the local thrift shops. There’s something magical about the hunt, and it only gets better if you manage to find a great vintage piece. I have learned that in Ottawa, certain shops are better than others. I usually skip on the VV located in St. Laurent and take the long trek south. I am rarely disappointed, so of course the trip is always worth it.

On one of my latest trips, I stumbled upon a few things that I just couldn’t resist. One of my first discoveries was this cute little box. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, but come on, it’s adorable. I love the colour and all of the little details, especially on the handle.


Of course my favourite section to browse would have to be sweaters. There’s something about finding a cozy and unique knit that makes me feel less terrible about living in such a cold climate. On this particular day, I must have been having some serious thrifting luck. As I flipped casually through the sweaters looking for one that might suit my fancy, I struck gold. Well, I struck Dior. I actually had to look around and check if anyone else was seeing this. Anyone’s first reaction would be to snap it up, which I did rather quickly.


I also found a great purse with a little bit of Scottish flair. The accessories area is always full of surprises, ones that may have been hiding in someone’s grandmother’s closet until not too long ago – but we all know that those places are gold mines for awesome vintage finds. So many great scarves to find! That’s one thing I probably don’t need more of, but I just can’t seem to stop.


Now I am suddenly feeling as though a shopping trip is needed, stat.

There’s also some great vintage shops downtown and in Centretown. My personal favourite is Young Janes, a cute local place you can find on Dalhousie. I wrote an article about this shop last year, actually. It’s definitely one of those places I will think about and dearly miss when I am no longer living in Ottawa. But hey, I’m looking forward to some great finds while abroad! There’s a lot of great hidden gems out there, what are some of your favourite places to thrift?


Summer shopping trip

When it’s hot out, I like to visit air conditioned places. Yesterday we thought the mall would be fitting. After a quick puppy dip with Eli in the fountain, we indulged in a little retail therapy. Summer essentials were at the top of my list, such as plain tanks for the days when you are sweating despite the fact that you are doing nothing.

I also managed to find some sweet deals on some really awesome pieces!

Find number one was a sheer gold tank at Banana Republic. I’m really feeling these colours.

Banana Republic

I then stumbled upon an awesome wallet. Now Erin and I have matching ones, but hers is purple. The only downside is when you open the change purse is spills a tiny bit. Cuteness factor overrides this.

Danier Leather

Danier Leather

My last two finds were surprising. I love maxi skirts and I saw this at Forever 21. I thought it had an odd look to it, but I ended up having that moment where I just had to have it. It has the cutest buttons all the way up the front.

Forever 21

Forever 21

And finally we entered the store that seems to suck us in every time. We hate it but we love it. Sirens. I always find something there, no matter how much we hate to admit it. I was really into this lower-back baring top. I never buy pink things, but I guess it was my day.


Care to share any of your own sweet summer finds? The sale racks are on fire!


Mad hatter

It’s that time of year again…when we rake through the newest spring and summer fashions at our local shops and malls. We cringe and swoon, unable to decide what dress best compliments our skin tone.

This was me just yesterday. I was in a picky mood, leaving Montreal with nothing more than two small bags of goodies. Most of this included some hair product and a simple pair of blue flats. I was feeling apathetic about fashion. Like there was no hope for me quite yet. I couldn’t put my finger on it, because as you all know, I had a grand time just a few short weeks ago.

Then I realized, on a day like this…I am good for nothing more than hat shopping. You don’t have to wait for a changing room, and there are loads to choose from! I found my calling on that particular day…and with this new found ideology, I found a great hat!

This is very fitting, since I will be heading down south next month. I need to protect my baby blues, and shades won’t cut it! I happened upon a lovely straw fedora by Calvin Klein. It fades from the brim to the top, a dark blonde shade to an almost bleached shade.

So there you have it…my fashion crisis averted. Just remember…when you’re feeling a bit mad, hit the hat section…or whatever other accessories get you excited.


Oh, pleats!

Pleated skirts are a beautiful thing! But there’s a rule you have to follow – even my father knows this one! After attending a wedding with my mother some 20 odd years ago, another women there seemed to wearing the same pleated dress as my mother. My father scoffed, noting that she clearly was not wearing it as well as my slim mother – the pleats were pulling. Ow! That’s gotta hurt.

So to pull of a pleat one must ensure they buy the correct size, no cheating – I’ll know.

I recently found myself a sweet little number – a short black pleated skirt. Yum.


It has the smallest of pleats, which I wasn’t sure of but then I found myself loving. It’s not too schoolgirl, thank God.

Here are some other fab choices that I am considering, since I will have to slowly fade out the blacks and greys in my wardrobe eventually. The time will come. I’m also awaiting the day I feel comfortable whipping out my burnt orange pleated maxi – my legs, how they shiver.


Thakoon Addition


A good pleat is hard to come by!

But if you come across a god one, grab it and love it!