New year, new year!

Happy new year! I may have had my wisdom teeth removed but this didn’t stop me from enjoying my holiday! Now that it’s over I’m a bit sad…back to being a journalism student. It was bound to happen.

So I’ll continue with some things you need…the bare essentials. The things that if you don’t have…well, I feel awful for your lack of!

You love girls, right?

I mean the band, silly. So you can start drooling while listening to Broken Dreams Club.

A little band I saw open for Grizzly Bear a couple of years back has gotten a bit more recognition in the last little while. And this I am happy for, they deserve it. See for yourself and give Pigeons a chance.

I know for a fact I have raved about Horse Feathers on here a few times in the past. They put on a heart wrenching live show, and after Thistled Spring was released I urged you to listen. If you didn’t the first time around, here I give you a second chance.

I am now about to admit that yes, Kanye made a good album. There you have it. I did it. BUT the rating it got still blows me away…that is all. Just listen to it and decide for yourself though…

One of my personal favourites this year was Mines, but my undying love for Menomena may have swung me a little.

Still, there is no reason why you wouldn’t start with the track “Queen Black Acid” and not want to continue through to the end.

It was pretty much one year ago exactly when I first heard the once known as Final Fantasy‘s album, Heartland. Pure beauty. Can Owen Pallett make anything that isn’t beautiful? I actually saw him perform on Canada Day for free. It was excellent!

I loved Pride, so it’s no surprise that Phosphorescent made me fall in love all over again.

The journey of life must continue now, but I promise you, things you need is absolutely not over yet.

July = Bluesfest = Awesome

Living in Ottawa rocks for so many reasons. The shows are definitely one of them. On Canada day, Jazz Fest was FREE. So I got to enjoy Shad, Elliott Brood, & Owen Pallett at no cost. There is something about a man with a violin. Or a woman. Or just violins in general, really.

This summer is going by way too fast, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. It is definitely a summer of music, and great music at that. Another highlight of June was definitely Born Ruffians with Young Rival & P.S I Love You.

I was beyond impressed with P.S I Love You.

If you haven’t already, check them out! The duo from Kingston really know how to get a crowd to do a little more than sway!

The past week has been a bit overwhelming. If you live in Ottawa you must have been aware of the hype surrounding Bluesfest. It’s craziness, and just trying to walk into the venue can be difficult with so many people asking for tickets, offering tickets, and so on.

Every night since last Thursday I have found myself enjoying yet another show. Tomorrow night will be by first concertless night in almost a week due to work.

Thursday July8th – – Great Lake Swimmers & Andrew Bird on the Hard Rock Cafe stage

The rain started when Great Lake Swimmers were onstage, but it kind of added to the whole feel. It was very romantic and soft. Everyone was really mellow despite the fact of who was onstage. I am personally a huge fan of  Great Lake Swimmers so it was exciting for me. I was dripping wet, but my backpack is waterproof and I haven’t melted yet.

The violinist is amazing, but really, everyone in the band is amazing. And put together, they make beautiful music.

When they played this song, I thought I could melt, not from the rain but from amazement…

My photos for Thursday are quite crappy, but you get the gist of it!

Andrew Bird, another one of my favourites, hit the stage at 9:00. He hasn’t been in Ottawa since 2000. That’s TEN YEARS! So I’m glad that I didn’t miss it. A lot of the shows at Bluesfest seem to be a chance in a life time. So why not jump on it?

He played a couple new songs, so that was exciting. I can’t seem to remember what they were called, but they were good, I can tell you that much. Once again, those violinists really get me.

The rain had stopped, the crowd was quiet, except when applauding, and the music was incredible. He was shoeless of course. But we all knew to expect that. My start to Bluesfest was a good one, hands down. I was pretty excited and shocked as to how small the crowd was…

The days and nights are long, and the rain continues to pour.

But the shows must go on. and trust me, they always do.

More to come…