Music note

Just a little something to relive my Wednesday night in Montreal. I went to see Nero at Metropolis and it made me dance a lot! The set-up on stage was unreal, had to see it to believe it!

Here’s a classic. I love the Aaron Carter version, too, of course. Sometimes my boyfriend sings it to me. He’s rather cute.


Even though the downstairs portion of RITUAL is small we still showed 12th Planet that we know how to have a damn good time!

Here in Ottawa, we don’t mess around. If you weren’t there you missed some pretty ugly Christmas sweaters and some pretty filthy dubstep. AWESOME NIGHT! Hopefully he’ll hit us up again.

And he even gave us a little taste of last week once again, kinda like this…

Now I’m wayyyyy too pumped for February. Skrillex & Nero. See you there?