Warpaint, Warpaint, Warpaint.

When I first saw the advertisement telling me Warpaint would be at the Brighton Dome this month, I pretty much ran home immediately and bought tickets.

I first heard this band a few years ago when a friend sent me the song “undertow”.

I fell in love immediately. This is a four piece girl band, and there is a dark and eerie vibe they give off that attracted me most. Heavy bass, dreamy melodies, and echoey voices. It was like nothing I had ever listened to before. I was hooked.

Now, when these four ladies stepped onstage, I didn’t know what to expect. If their moody tunes would match their personalities onstage. But they were a rather fun loving bunch, teasing the audience and dancing around the stage. At one point someone yelled for them to take off their shirts. This was deflected with class and with a rather pointed “no”. There was laughter but it was sarcastic. These women are musicians, better than many men out there. Yet even when they take the stage to bring the audience something beautiful that they have meticulously crafted in garages or basements or studios…talent is ignored and tits are the centre of attention.

I have to say I was offended for them. But they quickly went into another song, drums slamming and guitar strings plucking. Beyond badass, the comment was forgotten within moments. The music is why we were here together under this roof.

The best thing about this group is their obvious chemistry. They just seem to be four best friends having a jam session, enjoying the flow of the music and even laughing. I could see them whispering to each other while playing, huge smiles on their faces. It was basically like watching a scene from GIRLS, if Hannah, Marnie, Shosh and  Jessa were in a band – they would be like Warpaint. Actually, what is freaky is how much the bass player TRULY looks like Jessa. I did a double take.

So at one point the lights were turned up and we had a dance party. They actively told the audience…we can see you…making us feel almost naked. It was a perfect way to get back at the idiot who asked for clothing to be removed. A subtle ‘fuck you’ to anyone who doubts the power of females and their ability to make some amazing beats. It ended perfectly, although bittersweet. Because who really wants an evening with Warpaint to ever come to a close?

So I left with a brain full of happy thoughts, and I dreamt of beaches and sand and dancing barefoot.

An evening with Purity Ring

When I first heard “Crawlersout” last year, I became addicted to Purity Ring. The addiction lives on, and now I can say I have had the chance to enjoy them live.

It makes me really happy when I enjoy a band and then discover that they are Canadian. This has been happening a lot lately, and I have to say our home grown talent is always getting bigger and better.

Purity Ring hails from Edmonton, Alberta. An electronic duo with a radical on-stage set up, the beats will get you moving and Megan James’ voice will truly mesmerize you. I find a lot of the songs to be really dreamy and their unique stage presence makes the show unforgettable. It will probably haunt me for awhile, but only in the best of ways.

The last time I went to Ritual Nightclub, we faced a rather small crowd while waiting for Trust to play. I wasn’t sure what to expect last night, but the sold out show was packed way before the main act even hit the stage. This was the first night of the tour, and if last night signals anything, the rest of the tour is going to be amazing.

The night started out slow, at first there was plenty of room to twist and mingle with others. It was obviously a night of electronic duos, as both bands that hit the stage prior to Purity Ring were small in size but big in sound. The first band confused me, and they didn’t say much. However the singer did proclaim “We are Space, we are Time. We are Space and Time.” He then laughed and I realized this must be their band name. The music was cool, but upon returning home I was disappointed that I was unable to figure out exactly who these guys are, or where I can find their music. (Note: If anyone reading this does, let me know?!)

In any case, it was oddly tropical, hip swaying, and enjoyable.

Blue Hawaii came onstage with a full house staring back at them. This would probably seem intimidating to most, but they took it in stride, and were amazing. By the end of their set the audience was begging for more.  It’s also fun to note that these two are Canadian – from Montreal. They promised a dance party, but started it out slow. Easing us in. It was gentle and fun, and her voice echoed around us. The beat grew faster. We pushed forward. We danced. I’m sure it was overwhelming for them, because I heard her giggling at the end, telling us our favourite band would be coming on soon.

But I have to say, if I ever hear that this band is around again, wherever I may be, I will have to see them. Truly awesome, and I’m not even sure how to describe them – but their experimental nature is enthralling and certainly doesn’t fit any typical musical description.

When Purity Ring finally came onstage, everything became tight and hot. Everyone was eager to push their way forward to get a glimpse. Of course, the stage set up is incredible, with bee-hive like lights strung about us, flickering with the music. That was the most impressive part, how they make their music and their lights one, tapping little lamps to create a sound while simultaneously creating a glow.

They perform so nonchalantly, and the audience in return sways, but we were calm for the most part. Mostly caught up in the music, the crowd was pulsing together like one giant heart.

It’s shows like this that give me hope for the future, when people can safely cram themselves into a small space, holding one another up and letting the mood take over. Happiness radiating from all around, we are just here to listen to bands play awesome music, and maybe drink a few beers in the mean time.


I had the fortune of seeing TRUST last night, a Canadian band from Toronto.  My sister introduced me this past fall and we have both since fallen in love.

Yes, you might notice the music makes you want to brood and probably drink hard liquor, but that’s exactly why I dig it. Something about it reminds me of the 80s, and  if you know me you will know that I happen to love the 80s.  It’s probably something to do with the poppy nature of the beats and the synthesizers. I find myself bobbing around melodically, but there is a serious darkness about the music. I’m sure you have heard of the term “chillwave”, with bands like Toro Y Moi and Washed Out being labeled as such. Well this is considered “Darkwave”, so make of that what you will.

The show was not as packed as I had imagined it would be, but this actually made me feel happy more than anything. I have grown tired of being shoulder to shoulder, so this was a nice break. I actually found I was cold  – this almost never happens, especially at Ritual, where most kids can be found dancing and sweating profusely on a Friday night.

I just caught the tail end of Death Ledger‘s set, which seemed to combine hip hop with heavy bass, hard hitting drums, and a darker demeanor. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The faces of the musicians were shrouded in darkness, the only light coming from the back by the bar and some deep red lighting on stage. This was a theme for the night though.

I really enjoyed ERAAS, a band from New York. The singer’s voice really made me think of Health and Placebo, but he was using his pipes in a different way. Definitely experimental, the songs had great flow and I was mostly mesmerized by the way they would switch up instruments and continue into a new song so gracefully. It wasn’t conventional, but then again I think that’s what makes them so talented. It was raw and not perfected, it made me feel happy.

When TRUST finally appeared on stage, that’s when people finally had the courage to step a little closer to the stage. Before this most were keeping a distance of at least five feet. Of course, the crowd was still small, it was personal, like a house party. Smiling at strangers who felt the same way about being here. It was dark, and Robert Alfons stood above us like a tall shadow. His voice is amazing, I found it strange that it was actually real, but I guess men sometimes have that lucky fortune of having such a huge range of notes they can hit.

There were a lot of colours happening, and the strobe lights came on every so often making us feel like we were living in slow motion. The more they played the more everyone grew more comfortable, swaying turned into full on dancing at long last. Of course, upon hearing the opening of “Heaven” people started to go a little crazier.

The show ended five minutes before midnight. I sensed disappointment it was over but I’m sure their lack of albums might have had to do with this. They did play one new song, though, so this could only be a sign of more good things to come.

music note, new favourite item, Canada day

Dancing shoes on. Feeling SBTRKT more and more every day.

Getting ready for a great day tomorrow. After all, it is a rather important birthday (both my father’s AND Canada’s!). What better way to celebrate than some dancing and beer drinking. The mellow afternoon of Feist will be followed by loud crowds in downtown.

Also mildly obsessed with my new dress. It’s both dance floor friendly and compatible with a scorching day in Canada.

Free People

Happy Canada day!


music note

Today I remembered The Decemberists and it brought happiness to my ears! It happened while eating breakfast at Maxwell’s Bistro. The eggs charlotte are amazing, by the way. So now I am replaying songs from my teenage years. I like that sometimes.

Upcoming posts will include purchases from some serious retail therapy today. The mall is our safe haven when escaping the heat!!


Music note

Just a little something to relive my Wednesday night in Montreal. I went to see Nero at Metropolis and it made me dance a lot! The set-up on stage was unreal, had to see it to believe it!

Here’s a classic. I love the Aaron Carter version, too, of course. Sometimes my boyfriend sings it to me. He’s rather cute.

music note

In love with this song and this video.

I’ve loved M.I.A for a long time, and her videos are amazing.

Flipping the bird at the Superbowl? Even my dad laughed at the controversy following this move. This woman should be an inspiration for us all. Plus, she makes some killer tunes!

I’ll be jamming to this while I prepare myself for OFW.

music note

I am obsessed with El Guincho and I can’t stop listening. Upbeat and makes me feel warm! They also make intriguing music videos that inspire me to flash drivers on the highway. BUT I haven’t done it…if you were wondering.

When you get the chance, listen to this album in FULL and don’t stop.