Bluesfest continued…

Sunday July 11th.

Relaxation station on Sunday. I love Sundays. I really do. If I had to choose a favourite day of the week, Sunday would totally win. And when you get to lay in the sun on the grass with Timber Timbre playing 15 feet away from you, that makes a Sunday even better!

Taylor Kirk’s voice is soft and strong all at once. He wore a mosquito net over his face and looked at us rather shyly. He seems very timid onstage. Watching the band perform is like slowly easing yourself into a hot bath. It’s so quaint, warm, and comfortable. We all appreciated the echoes of music and his deep vocals. What a sound. So much power comes from within his lungs and out of his mouth. his voice takes my breath away, to be completely honest. ‘Magic Arrow’ practically haunts me. But in the best way possible, of course. So does ‘Demon Host’, one of my favourites on the self-titled album…

Charlie Winston was to take the stage at 7:15, but still hadn’t when 7:45 rolled around. I was disappointed that they would overlap with Rush, and although I would have liked to stay I was swept away to the main stage where Rush performed.

If you’ve seen the trio before, you know what you are in for will be completely epic and even it even comes with an intermission. And you always wonder what will be taking the stage with Geddy, Alex and Neil. The last time I saw them on their Snakes and Arrows tour, they had rotisserie ovens with chicken cooking slowly throughout the show. And in the past they have also had household appliances, like washing machines. Strange, but awesome.

This time around, it seemed like giant jukeboxes from far away. But actually, they seemed to be…time machines.

Three hours of Rush. Yes, three hours, plus intermission. And a complete performance of Moving Pictures. Yeah, the whole album, live, in your face, right there. It was amazing. Completely and utterly amazing. It’s one of my favourite albums, so really, I can’t complain. No one can. They still no how to excite a crowd. And I love Alex Lifeson so much it is unreal. Just sayin’.

The fact that they make a real interesting show out of their concerts is awesome. The mini movie at the beginning, middle, and end just makes the show that much more entertaining.

Last I saw them was in Detroit, where they included clips of Bob and Doug Mackenize. Totally necessary, in my opinion.

So much talent in a three-piece. So, so, much. Hope you didn’t miss it.

I apologize for the lack of quality…too much blur, but so much goodness otherwise. Promise.