There have been some tragedies this past week and I noticed them more because of actions I had taken just days prior. Last weekend we decided it would be a good idea to watch Jackass 3. That was our Saturday evening…spent watching gross-out comedy and boys doing stupid things. That’s a normal part of life living with two boys for the majority of the year anyway. Naturally I gagged a little and then brushed it off.

Sunday evening came, and once again we decided a movie was necessary because as of late we are far too lazy to walk a whole five blocks to get to MOD night. Princess Bride was an obvious choice. I don’t remember how it came about but it was just too good to pass up.

Well, Monday June 20th…ordinary day, I wake up, make coffee, whatever. Then I browse my usual sites, look at my twitter feed…Then I notice Ryan Dunn died. Strange, I just watched Jackass 3, how sad. It’s pretty tragic, you know. But absolutely a coincidence that we had just happened to watch the movie.

But then I soon discovered that Peter Falk also died just ays after watching the Princess Bride. So now I am creeped out and a tad worried. Of course it couldn’t be our fault, but now some friends have told us we should stop watching movies. I will continue watching movies, though. Sorry, world. I don’t think it’s my fault, after all…

That’s my little story.

Plans for the end of a soggy, and rather depressing April

You can end the month with a bang, but I’d hate to sound cliché. Truth is, there might be a bit of a whimper, but I’m sure May can only get better. April 30th will bring Timber Timbre to Ottawa. While I would love to go, packing and moving furniture beckons me, so if the rest of you could just enjoy it without me, it’s quite alright. Hopefully the show is just as good at Toronto Island and BluesFest.

Image via Lastfm

For the next few days I will be shoving my life into suitcases and boxes, and slowly unpacking them when I arrive at the new place. This weekend will include: good food, good fun, and family comfort. All three I could really use right about now. Well, I guess I’ve been getting the good fun down pat lately.

I recently bought my Bluesfest pass. A solid investment for the month of July! Only 250 bones, but the prices will soar, and HST will kick you in the ass. I know I got impatient but the line-up is not only thoroughly impressive, but also incomplete! So there could be more surprises to come!

Unfortunately, this means missing my hometown’s Bayfest for a second year in a row. The bands are similar, but it’s totally different when you can walk on down from your mom’s house to the water, and not have to worry about being capable to ride that bicycle home. Four blocks is just too easy…

When this month ends, I’ll be happy. It will be bittersweet, but it will be good. I’m already excited to have more time to go to the mayfair, even though I’ll be working full time and going home for a little over a week. Must-see movies this month = Chloe, A Single Man, The Coca Cola Case, Cape Fear, Casino, Taxi Driver, Raging bull, Birdemic (!) and most likely Back to The future. It’s definitely [and obviously] a Scorsese month, and I have been thinking that Shutter Island should be added to my list. It’s really growing. I’ve already had to eliminate the double feature on May fourth [Mean Streets and Good Fellas] but for VERY reasonable circumstances. ie: Toro y moi & Caribou.

I think the packing/unpacking of my life will be the worst to come. That and surviving another couple weeks without my hairdresser…what? I am picky and I miss her.