Sheer brilliance

I have recently become somewhat infatuated with sheer fabrics. It all began with an item I never really imagined myself wearing. But I had this sudden urge to own something completely see-through. Although maybe a bit ridiculous, I do love them, and rock them on occasion. Tights, shorts, or spandex are something that should be worn beneath…to be honest, I’m not one to show off my underwear.

American Apparel

Showing off your bra on the other hand…that’s a different story altogether. Sheer tops are always fun, especially in this warm weather. I’ve grown to love the light and fine material on a sunny day. The breeze goes through it so easily.

One of my greatest shopping moments was actually when I discovered this crop top. Lace in the front, sheer fabric in the back. I have recently learned that my bra is most visible when a camera flash is present…other than that, perfect!



Since then, my collection of sheer pieces has grown. It makes me quite happy coming home with a new translucent item to add to my closet. Maybe a little bit rebellious, too.

Here are a few of my very own favourites.

H&M (left), Exhileration (right)

The H&M top is a silk front with a light pink transparent back.

2 hearts

2 hearts

I love that the upper half of the dress is sheer, but the bottom half has a solid black layer beneath.

Forever 21

Not too sheer, but ultra light and wonderful.

American Apparel

As for turning these daring when worn alone items into something G-rated, try wearing a simple tank, or even a tube top, underneath. The button ups also look great over solid or patterned dresses.

How do you feel about showing some skin?


Lace me up

One material I can’t seem to get enough of. Lace!

I can’t get enough of it lately, and if you were paying attention to runways this season, it’s obviously a given. Oh, lace, how I love you so. Lacey bras, lace shirts, and even lace-patterned shoes!

This past week was my birthday, and my sweet boyfriend surprised me with a beautiful little lace number!

Urban Outfitters

He has wonderful taste.

Of course, I tend to love lace in black, so it brings me back into that dark hole that I so desperately love. Luckily, I recently found myself a WHITE lace top, which I posted earlier in a post about spring!  I also found a nice flowy white top with lace details on the back. Perfect with coral coloured pants and a light jacket.

I also have some shoes similar to these puppies that I will be rocking for one last season. It looks as though their time has almost come, so I may have to purchase new ones in the near future. But I have a need for them in cream, nothing else!

Urban Outfitters

I have also been eyeing lace shorts, but I think I need to put this obsession on hold. Too much lace doesn’t exist I guess, but you definitely shouldn’t be mixing two lace piece together! Sorry, ladies.

As for tonight, I will be rocking the lace, at least I hope to. I have an amazing crop top by Zinga, lace in the front and sheer silk in the back. So beautiful and delicate, I’m almost afraid of ripping it in a sweaty dance session.

I think I’m going to go play dress up now! I’ll also be cleaning out my closet sometime in the coming weeks, so I may be posting long lost treasures, or items I am parting with. Justine gets first dibs, of course.

Happy Friday!