Sheer brilliance

I have recently become somewhat infatuated with sheer fabrics. It all began with an item I never really imagined myself wearing. But I had this sudden urge to own something completely see-through. Although maybe a bit ridiculous, I do love them, and rock them on occasion. Tights, shorts, or spandex are something that should be worn beneath…to be honest, I’m not one to show off my underwear.

American Apparel

Showing off your bra on the other hand…that’s a different story altogether. Sheer tops are always fun, especially in this warm weather. I’ve grown to love the light and fine material on a sunny day. The breeze goes through it so easily.

One of my greatest shopping moments was actually when I discovered this crop top. Lace in the front, sheer fabric in the back. I have recently learned that my bra is most visible when a camera flash is present…other than that, perfect!



Since then, my collection of sheer pieces has grown. It makes me quite happy coming home with a new translucent item to add to my closet. Maybe a little bit rebellious, too.

Here are a few of my very own favourites.

H&M (left), Exhileration (right)

The H&M top is a silk front with a light pink transparent back.

2 hearts

2 hearts

I love that the upper half of the dress is sheer, but the bottom half has a solid black layer beneath.

Forever 21

Not too sheer, but ultra light and wonderful.

American Apparel

As for turning these daring when worn alone items into something G-rated, try wearing a simple tank, or even a tube top, underneath. The button ups also look great over solid or patterned dresses.

How do you feel about showing some skin?


Floral dresses in the winter

This might not seem practical, especially living in Ottawa! But I have found a way to make it work and actually stay warm. It is the wonderful thing that is called layering. Mastering the art of layering is tricky, and sometimes leaves you looking like a hobo. But fear not…there are way around this.

This is my favourite look this winter!

Start with tights and socks.

H&M tights are pretty thick!


But if you want to pair them with knee highs, I strongly suggest a skin toned tight, makes for a better look.

Calvin Klein

Time to put on the dress! Oh floral print, how I love you.

But if there is one rule, avoid floral tank dresses. Much too summery for right now, despite all the layering ahead! I prefer short sleeved and flowy!



Not exactly floral, but this is the style I usually go for..

Urban Outfitters

Now we’ve got the dress, time to add some denim. What did you expect, especially from myself!?

Baggy is better. My favourite oversized denim shirt is by Ralph Lauren. So delicious. Also, light wash is preferable in my case. Oh, and always leave the denim undone, so as to show off the dress!

Ralph Lauren

Top Shop

Up next, a cardigan on a chilly day. The chunkier the better.

Urban Outfitters

love all of these styles! via Refinery29

Now for the finishing touches before heading out the door!

1. A good boot


My feet cannot lie…these boots are to die for. I love love love them! Best of my purchases this winter, and pretty impressive for Aldo.

Nine West

2. A sweet scarf

Urban Outfitters

Cable knit rules. No questions.

3. A long jacket

Nothing like a killer wool jacket to keep you warm and fuzzy.


Your look is complete. Hope you like it!