Healthier twist on tacos

Okay, so when I was a teenager I would often go to taco bell with friends. It was open until 4 a.m so it was a prime destination for bored, under-aged people like ourselves. I still remember when they had a big sign saying “Ten tacos for $5!” Who can resist?!

So, now that I am a little bit older, I don’t really eat taco bell anymore. It probably has something to do with my own semi-strict diet of pesco-vegetarianism. I honestly don’t even miss taco bell, especially when there are so many other variations you can make yourself. Bonus: they are not only better for you, but they also taste better.

I have made these kale and brussel sprout tacos several times now, and they are exquisite. They are also vegan friendly! The white bean creama adds an awesome punch, I like to use a lot of it on each taco.

Check out the recipe link! What’s Cooking Good Looking is probably one of my favourite sites to gather cooking inspiration from. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of the results!


Egg white and green apple salad (yum!)

First of all, my lack of posting is truly pitiful. I will try harder. First thing’s first – this delicious (and healthy!) recipe that my roomies and I particularly love.

Things you need:

– 6 eggs

– cucumber

– celery (optional)

– 1 avocado

– 1 green apple

– cottage cheese

– delicious spices such as paprika, Himalayan rock salts, black pepper, fresh cilantro, and cayenne pepper.

Let the cooking begin!

First, you need to hard boil 6 eggs. Once they are done you can cut them up and take out the yolks. If you’re feeling crazy, keep a couple of the yolks and throw them in the salad!

Next you can cut up all of your ingredients into bite size pieces. Once you’v done that, toss them all in a bowl. Add spices as you like. We put in quite a bit, we love a little kick! Also stir in the cottage cheese, I usually use one or two tablespoons.

Once it’s all tossed and ready to eat, you can choose how you would like it served. Between two slices of bread, or our low carb option – lettuce wraps.

That was easy! Enjoy!