Going green

As you may know, I am a smoothie lover. Berries, bananas, coconut and all that good stuff. But I have recently decided that green smoothies just might be the way to go. Especially after a long weekend indulging in chocolate and other goodies.

I decided to tread lightly at first, fearing the worst when it came to taste but craving that extra boost of energy. I’m always up for trying something new, but a liquid salad didn’t exactly seem all that appealing.

The first step towards getting to know your green smoothie is by adding spinach to your regular smoothie. I usually add about half a cup, and due to it’s light flavour, you can barely taste the difference. I was perfectly okay with this and have been doing it for a few months now.


Then I decided it was time to take the plunge. I would go full green for my post work out snack.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t taste too bad at all. I actually enjoyed it. There are a few tricks to making it a little less bitter and a little more sweet. Here’s what I did.

1. Started with about 1 cup of water in the blender and some fresh lemon juice.

2. Throw in some greens! I used cucumber, red leaf lettuce, spinach, celery, and bok choy. Then blended.

3. After blending this through, I added an apple, some blueberries, 2 cubes of ice, and some chia seeds.

The final step is to enjoy! Of course you can add in a lot more or switch things up.

Other things to try in your green smoothie are bananas, carrots, parsley, cilantro, and kale.


Feelin’ Fresh

I don’t normally share anything but clothes, food and music. But my revamping of blogs may start to include more health oriented details of my life. I’m surprised I hadn’t done it before, actually.

So here is my routine, as of late. It’s starting to include more cycling with the nice weather! Who needs the gym when you have the great outdoors?!

This is also done when hungover. Suck it up princess. I promise it will make you feel better in the end, no matter how hard the start! Sweating it out is the best part. Also, summer is around the corner. This is coming a bit faster for me (Dominican May 1st woooo!!).

Here it is!

45 minutes of pilates. I suggest checking out Pop Pilates, google it for some awesome (and free!) moves to try out.¬†– this includes abs, thighs, calves, arms and obliques. It’s best to go day by day.

Eg: Monday do lower body, Tuesday do upper body, reverse. The key is to do SOMETHING every day. Even if it’s just 20 minutes.

15 – 30 minutes of jumping rope, depending on what you’re feeling. Also walking at fast-paces throughout the day is good, but jumping rope is the best in my opinion. Within a few minutes you can feel it everywhere – arms, legs and core.

And don’t forget stretching. Avoid screwing up your back, please! Always stretch after your work out.

Protein smoothie. Not kidding. I may get made fun of for having my plastic pop-eyes smoothie cup in class but it’s filling. And I love liquid breakfasts.

Also, this may sound crazy, but doing 30 minutes of pilates in the early morning, and 30 minutes in the afternoon is awesome. Makes you feel great and helps productivity.

Happy Tuesday!


The hair situation

After years of denying my curls, I finally managed to embrace them. It took time, but now I do not use my straightening iron to merely straighten, but to give my hair some wave and some bounce. Since giving in to the natural wave, I find myself disliking the straight haired look…

One thing is for sure, curly girls, you need to learn to manage them. I was unaware for awhile, hence my hatred for them. Taming them is now second nature. You might even call it fun. And the best part of having thick curls or wave? Second day hair, without the grease! Sometimes it even looks better than the day before. I apologize to the ladies with thinner hair…

Curly girls, I¬†recommend the following…

1. Ditch the blowdryer every so often. Letting your hair air dry is nice, and you might be surprised at how great it looks. I know I was.

2. Use a good shampoo. Pantene smells good but it leaves so much residue in your hair, it makes me want to gag. I like Redken and Biolage. Classic favourites.

3. Use the right product. And not too much either. Trust me, I’ve used almost every curl taming cream, mousse, gel, spray and serum there is. Very few have held my interest, as I am very picky. Thick pump creams weigh your hair down too much, so personally, I avoid those.

Moroccan oil is by far the best thing I have used. Doesn’t leave your hair greasy, and great for thick dry hair. So smooth!

When I DO blow dry my hair, I use this:

And for days I wanna be gelin’…

Sometimes I’ll put moroccan oil in my hair, let it dry, and then scrunch it out with gel. You just have to make sure you don’t use too much gel, helmet head is so 90s and we’re over it. There is nothing worse than a crunchy curl!

For a softer look, I take strands of hair and twist them around my straightening iron. Do this from root to tip, practice makes perfect because it takes some skill. But the results can be better than a curling iron if you do it right! Just need a rounded edge, like I have on my argan straightener.

These are my favourites as of today, but I try new product all the time, so I’ll keep you posted if I find something even better!