How to celebrate Valentines

This post comes late, and I apologize, but I’ve been so busy living that I forget to leave a trail of my words behind me. I’m very much caught up in the moment, with little regard to what’s ahead or behind me.

Last weekend was valentines day, and I’m not really the sappy type but for some reason this year was tugging at me, reminding me. Maybe because I know so many couples…but then again I feel I always have. Valentines day often reminds me of this time when I was 16 and received a massive bouquet of roses from a boy I had been desperately trying to avoid. This time of year makes me feel mostly… awkward. That’s the best way to describe it probably.

So it was completely amazing and perfect that Jack got me tickets to see Of Montreal. Probably one of the weirdest bands to witness live, and also one of the most fun! So we did the usual dinner thing on Friday, but come Sunday night I was feeling pretty jazzed about getting on down to the Haunt and dancing with a beer in hand.

The beginning didn’t make sense but that’s the point I guess. All the band members, excluding Kevin Barnes, came out on stage. Rebecca started saying things but her southern twang was so strong no one could understand what she said, yet agreed enthusiastically with anything that sounded to be posed as a question. I can’t decide if this fake accent was funnier because we are in England…I also wondered if maybe people thought that’s how she actually spoke…

Then Kevin Barnes, ‘the greatest singer in the world’, was called onto the stage and we screamed. We clapped. We tried to prepare ourselves for the magic.

Of course wacky costumes were intertwined, Kevin was wearing some sort of cape that made him look like royalty. We danced for a couple of hours, watched the odd animations flicker beyond the band on the back wall, cheered loudly and managed to get an encore out of it. I was pretty much dumbstruck and starry eyed the whole time, that’s how awesome they are. Kevin managed to remove his cape and white shirt throughout the show, and then re-entered wearing a silver sparkle sequin jacket and some rather tight psychedelic looking trousers.

I think we were all pretty happy with the evening. I left smiling and giggling and bursting with excitement.

So that is how I chose to celebrate Valentines day weekend. With beer, Of Montreal, and a really cool boyfriend who understands my strange musical obsessions.


Feel it all around

Something I have been craving, a man I have been dreaming of seeing for several years. To the point that when I met Chaz Bundick I actually asked him questions about what Ernest Greene is like. I know…

But the point of this post is that it finally happened! Washed out came to Brighton, so we got tickets and marched on down to the sea front to Concorde 2. This was a sweet relief because just a few days earlier Deerhunter were meant to be playing this venue, however, their UK/EU tour was cancelled. I didn’t cry but I might have had a bit of a tantrum…

Back to the night of dreams… being super keen we arrived around 8 p.m, and to tell you the truth the place was pretty empty. Us Baby Bear Bones were playing some amazing opening music, the way the lead singer hit her drum really caught my attention. To my dismay, they stopped playing after I had only heard about one and a half songs. I was disappointed, but this band happens to be local (and their name is even painted on the wall of Sticky Mike’s) so if I get a chance, I will definitely go to one of their shows. They made an impression.

Amateur Best was next. A man with a keyboard, a horn, a few other gadgets, and a voice. What a voice. I didn’t really know what was happening, it was all so different. It felt almost awkward, watching this guy sing his heart out, but the crowd was growing steadily and he didn’t seem to have any insecurities. I was doubtful at first, but impressed nonetheless. Mainly because he could actually play that horn really well, and captivate an audience.

And then it began. Washed Out came, first his band started playing , then Ernest ran out, looking like quite the hippy with his shoulder length hair and bohemian look, guitar around his shoulder. I will admit, I didn’t listen to much of his newest album Parocasm. I was surprised when he actually didn’t make it his sole focus of the show.

He played the old stuff, what I really wanted to hear. Get Up, Feel it All Around, and Belong were in there as well. I hadn’t felt so zen in a long time. I closed my eyes and swayed and smiled. Sipped my beer, and got slightly annoyed when some lads held up their camera phone for 30 seconds too long. But for the most part, I was extremely relaxed, because that is just what Washed Out does to me.

Afterwards, I was so starry eyed that upon walking into the smoking section and faced with several smiles and North American accents, I just began speaking to his band. Without realizing they were his band until about a minute into the conversation. Embarrassing? Slightly. But we were just too busy bonding over our roots. And I was still floating outside of my body most likely.

I mean, it’s been nearly a week and I’m still dreaming of the moment he stepped on stage.

So I will just leave this here.

Happy Wednesday!


music note, new favourite item, Canada day

Dancing shoes on. Feeling SBTRKT more and more every day.

Getting ready for a great day tomorrow. After all, it is a rather important birthday (both my father’s AND Canada’s!). What better way to celebrate than some dancing and beer drinking. The mellow afternoon of Feist will be followed by loud crowds in downtown.

Also mildly obsessed with my new dress. It’s both dance floor friendly and compatible with a scorching day in Canada.

Free People

Happy Canada day!