Eurotrip collection

Hey! So during my travels through Europe I was often taking a lot of video footage. I had been working on said video at the end of June, but when my camera was stolen, I suddenly stopped going back to my work. I started focusing on other things. I really miss making videos! So I finally did it, I finally finished it.

So here it is! My adventure in film. Hope you enjoy it!



Upon arriving back in the UK after my trip to Istanbul and Berlin in late June, I went to Cambridge for a couple of days. I have always been impressed by the thought of the place, so finally going there and looking around was definitely a treat. I especially enjoyed a short history lesson while punting along the canal. The tales of Prince Charles’ time at Cambridge are rather hilarious. I think we have all heard that the Queen gave a rather large sum of money in exchange for his acceptance into the school. Can’t argue with that I guess. Also, his body guard is said to have also taken all of the exams that Prince Charles did. He also got a higher score than Prince Charles. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to get the degree.

Cambridge is truly charming. I also enjoy a good scholarly setting, I just thrive within it. In fact, after just a few hours of seeing students with book bags and bicycles, I felt a sudden longing to return to school. I really am a nerd at heart. No matter how happy I was to have graduated, there is something I love about school. I’m constantly wanting to learn new things, but also, the thought of going to Cambridge is rather romantic.

Perhaps I will be inspired enough one day to do a master’s degree somewhere (likely in Canada). Until then, I’m pretty keen on exploring!


I also had the pleasure of seeing some friends who live just outside of Cambridge, Erin and Caleb! It’s always comforting to see a familiar face in a different country. We had a lovely time drinking wine in the park one sunny afternoon. Our punting trip was almost cancelled until one fine fellow decided to stay past his planned shift and take us on a special tour.





For some reason, summer in England has been better than usual. Or so I have heard. We’ve been lacking rain and instead having an abundance of sunshine! I like to think Erin and I brought the weather from Canada. You’re welcome, England. I’ve been having quite a time, especially since I live right on the Brighton seafront now.

Until next time.