Feelin’ Fresh

I don’t normally share anything but clothes, food and music. But my revamping of blogs may start to include more health oriented details of my life. I’m surprised I hadn’t done it before, actually.

So here is my routine, as of late. It’s starting to include more cycling with the nice weather! Who needs the gym when you have the great outdoors?!

This is also done when hungover. Suck it up princess. I promise it will make you feel better in the end, no matter how hard the start! Sweating it out is the best part. Also, summer is around the corner. This is coming a bit faster for me (Dominican May 1st woooo!!).

Here it is!

45 minutes of pilates. I suggest checking out Pop Pilates, google it for some awesome (and free!) moves to try out. – this includes abs, thighs, calves, arms and obliques. It’s best to go day by day.

Eg: Monday do lower body, Tuesday do upper body, reverse. The key is to do SOMETHING every day. Even if it’s just 20 minutes.

15 – 30 minutes of jumping rope, depending on what you’re feeling. Also walking at fast-paces throughout the day is good, but jumping rope is the best in my opinion. Within a few minutes you can feel it everywhere – arms, legs and core.

And don’t forget stretching. Avoid screwing up your back, please! Always stretch after your work out.

Protein smoothie. Not kidding. I may get made fun of for having my plastic pop-eyes smoothie cup in class but it’s filling. And I love liquid breakfasts.

Also, this may sound crazy, but doing 30 minutes of pilates in the early morning, and 30 minutes in the afternoon is awesome. Makes you feel great and helps productivity.

Happy Tuesday!