Mad hatter

It’s that time of year again…when we rake through the newest spring and summer fashions at our local shops and malls. We cringe and swoon, unable to decide what dress best compliments our skin tone.

This was me just yesterday. I was in a picky mood, leaving Montreal with nothing more than two small bags of goodies. Most of this included some hair product and a simple pair of blue flats. I was feeling apathetic about fashion. Like there was no hope for me quite yet. I couldn’t put my finger on it, because as you all know, I had a grand time just a few short weeks ago.

Then I realized, on a day like this…I am good for nothing more than hat shopping. You don’t have to wait for a changing room, and there are loads to choose from! I found my calling on that particular day…and with this new found ideology, I found a great hat!

This is very fitting, since I will be heading down south next month. I need to protect my baby blues, and shades won’t cut it! I happened upon a lovely straw fedora by Calvin Klein. It fades from the brim to the top, a dark blonde shade to an almost bleached shade.

So there you have it…my fashion crisis averted. Just remember…when you’re feeling a bit mad, hit the hat section…or whatever other accessories get you excited.