Basic brain stimulation

Working full time leaves me very little time for blogging after doing many other activities. But a lot has happened and I feel this is important to discuss.

How many people have died in the last couple of weeks?

A TON! It’s actually a bit crazy…Gary Coleman’s death was a shocker for me…

Also, that statue that people may or may not hate in front of the Art Gallery downtown. Well, the woman that made that thing died at the tender age of 98. Don’t hate on Louise Bourgeois or her kickass art. That sculpture is rockin’.

image via centre pompidou

image via wikipedia

Not to pick favourites, but Dennis Hopper takes the cake. I’m gonna miss that man and his eccentric ways. Easy Rider…if you have not seen it, you must do that as soon as possible. I know I’ll be watching (and listening to the sweet soundtrack) in honour of good ole Mr. Hopper.

image via solar navigator

I know I am ignoring many others just as the Oscar’s ignored Farrah. But I’m going to have to cut it short, as those were my top three disappointments of the week. And bad things always happen in threes…

I promise you though…good things will come. Maybe not today, but most likely tomorrow, or my day off.