What a wonderful long weekend, but I can’t say I did much resting. Mostly work, working out, and studying of course. Naturally, I am having trouble keeping up with hundreds of pages of notes to go through. Cumulative exams are the worst! So I’ve devised a little plan to keep me motivated, maybe it will work for you too.

My morning started out with a half hour of pilates and about 15 minutes of cardio, and then push ups. I get really excited by the time I’m at cardio and have trouble stopping!

Protein shake follows, and then I immersed myself in the madness.

Of course I get a little restless, so instead of mindlessly surfing the web in between coffees, I decided to try something out. More pilates or cardio! Taking a ten minute break to jump rope with Calvin Harris actually helps, believe it or not. It gets my heart rate up, which is better than getting lazier by the minute staring at a computer screen.

Also, the shorter videos posted by Blogilates are awesome to try out in between readings. I’ve already done a few today, this one was new for me as I hadn’t tried it yet:

Snacks help too, berries and whole wheat toast with honey.

Well, I better get back to studying.