Montreal Fashion Week

Exciting news! I will be heading to Montreal tomorrow morning to cover some events during Montreal Fashion Week for I am beyond excited to see how different this will be from Ottawa Fashion Week. I think I might be seeing some edgier stuff, Montreal has some serious style. That’s one of the reasons I love going there so much, after all!

I’ll be seeing new collections from some amazing and talented designers based in Montreal. I’ll kick off my afternoon with Travis Taddeo – he is debuting his very first men’s footwear collection in collaboration with Aldo Rise. In case you didn’t know, I am a fan of dudes with stellar kicks. Number one thing I look at on a man…bad shoes are a no go!

And then the evening…

Betina Lou will start it all and I’ve already come to love the cute feminine pieces from her past collections. It all looks so delicate and pretty. I can’t wait to see what she has in her spring/summer collection for 2013.

Iris Setlakwe has some fabrics that I could fall in love with. Definitely looking forward to some classic and elegant styles on the runway.

I think DUY and UNTTLD might steal the show – both seem to have an edge that I will love. I really enjoy the fact that UNTTLD is a collaboration between two designers. I can sense their mystery and poetic nature just by browsing their website.

So wish me luck! I think tomorrow is going to be quite a ride, and I can’t wait to see all of the looks on and off the runway – Montreal is so diverse. I can’t help but knock on Ottawa for being so reserved, we should get a little inspiration! Loosen those ties, everyone!

Pictures and words to come on!



I have the pleasure of attending Ottawa Fashion Week as a contributer for this weekend!

First night of Ottawa Fashion Week brought tears to my eyes in more than one way.

There was some serious style alongside some unfortunate disasters. I noticed myself comparing one woman’s coat to an ostrich. This is not a good thing.

Feathers, pleather and silk are absolutely in this time of year, but only appreciated when done right. Although night one brought some disappointment, Saturday evening made up for this travesty.

I really enjoyed most of this evening, and there were very few pieces that left me feeling unsure. The colours that ElizBourk brought to the runway were a favourite of the night. Some of the models seemed to float down the runway, along with the giant white balloons that some had in tow. She told me she got most of her inspiration from fashion blogs and street style.


Last night, Y!D.N.A was pure brilliance. At first the reaction from the onlookers was one of shock and confusion, but can we expect anything else from Canada’s breakthrough designer of 2010? I’m talking goth-erotic, and even a little kinky. One thing I can’t deny, this collection made the evening! You couldn’t help but stare and the appeal was undeniable. Most of it was not exactly wearable, but eye catching and frisky. Definitely a show stopper and brought back a tired crowd of fashion lovers. Was Ottawa ready for this? I think so! I’m so sick of the bashing towards Ottawa street style. Yes, you have to dig to find some gold, but when you do get there you have truly hit the jackpot.



!Nu.I was another fan favourite of Friday evening, rocking the erotic nerd look. Heavy knits and gorgeous details made it worth my while. I loved the sleekness of the designs, and the collection was quite eclectic with a range of inspiring outfits. I thought my hopes for Ottawa Fashion Week had been dashed until this moment. And it only has gotten better.



That’s all for now! But trust me, there’s so much more to be said! After all, I haven’t even yet mentioned the fabulous Rachel Sin! For now I have well over 1200 photos to continue to sift through and edit. I’ll be posting all the designs from this weekend for

*Photos copyright Melissa Schilz*