A little shameless self promotion.

Over the past few months, Canculture has been putting together something pretty cool that I feel lucky to be a part of. It’s called Long Story Short, so if you love poetry and short stories, or just creative writing in general, it’s something you should definitely check out.

Also, I had been longing to have a platform (aside from tumblr) where I can publish my creative writing, so I’m really thankful that I was asked to share some of my work alongside some other amazing and talented individuals!

Check out Long story short here!


music note, new favourite item, Canada day

Dancing shoes on. Feeling SBTRKT more and more every day.

Getting ready for a great day tomorrow. After all, it is a rather important birthday (both my father’s AND Canada’s!). What better way to celebrate than some dancing and beer drinking. The mellow afternoon of Feist will be followed by loud crowds in downtown.

Also mildly obsessed with my new dress. It’s both dance floor friendly and compatible with a scorching day in Canada.

Free People

Happy Canada day!


What happened today?

Do you know what happened today?

Besides thunderstorms.

Besides toonie Tuesday, ‘cheap’ Tuesday, and…well Shark Week started the other night so that’s exciting.

But that’s besides the point. Sure the U.K got it a day early but here in North America, we’re important too!

Arcade Fire’s new album, “The Suburbs” was released.

image via wikipedia

Very, very, exciting. Pick it up! Your ears will thank you!

I still have to post my arcade fire experience from Bluesfest, but I’ve been working like a dog lately. Updates sooooon!

Until then, I’ll be getting up at 6 am to go to work like a ‘normal’ human being. Whatever that means…