Some things you need

The year is coming to a close soon enough. And since my wisdom teeth will be pulled in the coming days I thought I should do some coherent blogging before the year is up. Basically, things I loved about 2010…and things you need, of course.

Since studying must commence I guess this is just part one of a series of things to come. How exciting.

This one’s obvious.

Practically invisible but look a little closer and listen a little closer. Teen Dream captured my heart for some reason. Something about it makes me smile and frown simultaneously. It’s like a look back to the person you were maybe 3 years ago. So it’s not that far off but in a way it still sort of feels like it is. Strange.

More of this, please. Best Coast kind of reminds me of Girls. This is a good thing. Old school feel is always welcome.

I don’t even need to get into the details here. At all. Just pure awesome.

You’ve probably heard this album without even realizing you were hearing it. Just saying.

How could I NOT? I’ve heard mixed thoughts but I enjoy it, even though I really have only given it a few spins. Not too much heavy listening to this because there was so much pouring out of my itunes this year. I’m still trying to sort through all the precious metal. Or vinyl. Or whatever.

Texico Bitches is catchy as hell though.

Yes, please, Caribou. I adore you.

Because you know it’s good. Come on.

Absolutely necessary. I mean completely and utterly. really. Maybe I’m biased though.

I remember listening to Halcyon Digest for the first time. I was stepping out of my front door when it struck me that I had the album on my iPod with the most sincere intention of listening to it but hadn’t. So I thought this journey to school would be a good time to listen. Well I listened to it on my journey to school, my journey home, little trips between where I could sneak buds into my ears. Ignoring the traffic around me. Just pumping this album into my brain non stop for a week. I actually didn’t listen to ANYTHING other than this album for seven days straight. Need I say more? Get this. Now.

Had me at hello.

This is just me warming up. Study break, END.


Inevitable post

This was bound to happen because if you read my blog you already know that I am kind of obsessed with Toro Y Moi.

I read a pretty solid interview today on Pitchfork. I’m getting pretty excited for this new album…

Causers of This has been blowing my mind for months on end so I hope my high expectations are fulfilled with the next album. As much as I love the last album, please Chaz, give us something new! I know it will be brilliant. And I’d hate to wear out Causers because it is too beautiful.

Something else to do with Pitchfork that I feel the need to comment on…

I’m assuming you’ve heard the new Kanye West album. I really shouldn’t assume but I’m pretty sure most of the people I know had to give it a spin immediately. The excitement was unbearable.

I can’t lie, it’s good. But I read reviews…and compare them to what I think I would give them.

Look at THIS right here.

Is that a ten? 10? one-zero-ten? out of another 10? ten? TEN?!

Yes. Yes it is.

Please, discuss. Because while I do expect Animal Collective to get 10/10…which I don’t think they EVER have…I was not expecting this. Maybe a nine, yeah, nine would be fair. But is this album perfect? Not a single blemish or thing you didn’t like?

Apparently he has mastered the art of music. And I don’t even want to know what his reaction was when he saw the big 1-0 on his computer screen. Overall, pitchfork’s rating system confuses me.

On another note, school will soon be ending. And I will get about a month, actually, less, to enjoy my youth to the fullest. I’ll just forget about the readings I have to catch up on for now. Before heading home I will be attending a few shows here and there. Skrillex, for one. I’ve heard dubstep compared to alien music. It makes sense, because, quite simply, it is out of this world. I don’t even know how to describe it. And I can’t exactly imitate it via my voice.

Fortunately, this guy can:

Now that you’ve had your mind blown…

I’ll just blow it a little bit more.

What are you doing December 2nd? If you’re as cool as my friends and I, you’ll probably be dancing to this:

That means you should go! It’s going to be a great release for end of school.

I only have one exam to worry about this semester, but of course it’s the night after Broken Social Scene. I’m going to study really hard so I can enjoy the show. Then I’ll be getting on the train avec sister for a nice trip home. I’m expecting good things to happen, but this does not include the part where my wisdom teeth will be removed.

Last day of same day newscasts are tomorrow! For me anyway…now I can concentrate on my essay. and multimedia.

Then I’m done!



If you didn’t get it, I’m excited.

My excitement might be a reflection of me listening to awesome alien music.

I’ll leave you with this…as a chance to consider how lame your Thursday night will be and how awesome mine will be. You could always make it awesome though, if you want…




Fridays are always awesome. But what makes this friday extra special?

Well, if you’re as much of a lover of Sufjan Stevens as I am, then I think you might already know the answer.

The new EP was digitally released today, but you can stream it here:

I bought the download, obviously couldn’t resist and I need that on my ipod. But I look forward to getting my hands on the vinyl come December…Listen to it. You might cry. I did. Twice. So amazing.

And if you like Toro y Moi and his amazing beats (you know I do. Borderline obsession?) then you should check out the new video for Low Shoulder. Good track, CRAZY video. You might be a bit confused. It’s definitely different then say, the Talamak video. Definitely a lot darker. Check it.

Video: Toro Y Moi: “Low Shoulder”.

As promised, many weeks ago…updates and photos. And I’m sorry, I really am. But this new job tires a girl out! Hopefully I’ll get better at this time thing, but blogging on time sensitive matters never really happens here…

SO the monday of Bluesfest was a free one in the market. And amazing. Jason Collett and City & Colour rocked it but I have to say, the audience surprised me. So much so, I had to get outta there!

When Jason came onstage my heart lit up, my soul lit up – yeah, I know, lame. But he does that to me. To the Dallas fans, not so much. I was confused (and annoyed) by the number of 16 year old girls and prepubescent boys who were saying rather loudly “who the fuck is this guy?” Um, who is this guy? It’s Jason Fucking Collett. Show some fucking respect. Who are these kids? And why do they not know who this amazing man is, when they probably go to every Broken Social Scene show in town. All I can say, is that I was slightly annoyed to have to hear “we want Dallas” as Jason sang I’ll Bring the Sun.

No hate on Dallas. I mean when I was 16 I loved him too. And I still think he’s an incredibly talented dude. I just really don’t understand why there are so many fans that exist when it comes to every band, that are so rude to other musicians.

It reminded me of the time I went to see Animal Collective last summer with Grouper opening. This girl can bow a lot of other talented musicians out of the water. But that night was disastrous. People were yelling, telling her to get off the stage, and that she “sucked”. I felt terrible. And it made it impossible for anyone to enjoy the music happening.

Sure, we all love AC, I mean that’s the main reason why everyone was there, correct? And Grouper is quite a lot more mellow, but just because you’re so anxious to get your groove on, doesn’t give you the right to bash someone in the middle of a performance.

ummm, /rant.

Anyway, here is a rather crappy photo. It was hard to take with so many screaming teenagers around. They were edging their way towards the stage in hopes that Jason would be getting off of it soon. So, so, sad.

I’m sure he had better things to do though, such as continue drinking. Did I mention he was completely shit-faced? All the more reason to love him!

The crowd went wild when they saw Dallas setting up his equipment. Literally screaming. I just wanted to hear some music…while most of the other girls wanted him to get on one knee and propose before the sunset.

Although I didn’t see the whole performance, what I saw is obvious raw talent. His voice gets me every time. I guess I can understand why the teeny boppers were screaming…but I just didn’t feel it was necessary to take part. I’d rather enjoy what’s happening. Either way, I was overwhelmed by the crowd and had to sneak away for a pint.

Before I left, however, an interesting thing happened. People were passing out left, right and centre the two weeks of Bluesfest. A guy even passed out right beside me during Jason Collett. Drugs? Heat? Over-excitement? Who knows.

But this girl in the audience passed out, and Dallas, being the beautiful and sensitive artist that he is, stopped the song until he knew she was okay. Talk about gettin’ all the other ladies riled up. I felt bad for her though, I think I would have been more embarrassed than flattered.

The next post I make will be the best one, I think you know that though, because Tuesday = Arcade Fire

I also have some Folkfest experiences to share, including multiple orgasms with Bruce Peninsula, staring into the eyes of Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen), being sucked into the music of Horse Feathers, and much more!

Until then…enjoy…

OH! And listen to Sufjan!

I’m Alive

Just in case you thought I was no longer alive…stop worrying. I’m fine.

Let me follow up on Toronto Island…better late then never!

We were shipped off to an island to witness amazing music and drink expensive bottled water. All worth it, of course. There were plenty of rain jackets, rubber boots and umbrellas. There was a threat of rain that NEVER came, so instead we used our umbrellas to block the beating sun. The day was hot, due to both weather and stage presence.

The ferries were packed tightly and we had to wait for a few rounds before getting on. We eventually got there, but by that time had already missed a few of the openers, including the love of my life, Timber Timbre. I cried a little, but my missing it will be made up for this Sunday!

Beach House took the stage as everyone flooded onto the island. Many were arriving a bit late, like myself. Everyone was quite mellow and chill, wondering what was going on. Who was taking the stage? We were all quite lost, trapped in a sea of people and trying to squeeze by security guards who eagerly look into your bag.

Victoria Legrand can really rock out, even when the crowd doesn’t seem to know how to. I guess some find dream pop difficult to head bang to, but this girl does not. She’s amazing, as are her vocals. Her deep voice is sultry and when she opened her mouth, I almost forgot this was a live show and I was not daydreaming in my bedroom again. I stood back a bit, in awe. I was pretty much lost in the music. Most of the set consisted of Teen Dream. It was amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I would have loved to hear a bit more of Devotion and the self titled album from ’06. Maybe next time…

I have photos, but due to the lack of a press pass, my Nikon was not allowed on the island. You’ll have to fare with my pictures from my little canon powershot…

Up next was Band of Horses. The crowd really came alive, pushing and shoving towards the front. It went from a mellow afternoon to a bit of a rough one. I managed to squeeze myself in there, and I found myself between some rather sweaty, smelly people. The music over-shadowed this, though, as did the smell of marijuana. I’ll be honest, I like them, but I don’t love them. It was a nice change of scene but by this point I was pretty amped for BSS and Pavement. A total dream come true, two amazing bands, together! Nonetheless, BOH was fun to rock out to.

Then it happened.

Broken Social Scene took the stage.

Everyone was wondering who would be there, naturally. Every time I’ve seen them, it is a big surprise. But we’re in Toronto. Something good is about to happen.

And it did.

First of all, who is that guy in the tank? OH shit, it’s a beardless Brendan Canning. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he seems to have shaved it off. It was getting hot, so I don’t blame him.

I wasn’t surprised when they opened with World Sick. I actually kind of figured they would, with the new album release and all. A lot of newer songs were played, but there were some classic BSS moments thrown in. And can you imagine, they closed with Ibi Dreams of Pavement. Complete perfection, with Pavement being present, and all.

It’s funny that G20 and the island show came so close together. Kevin Drew could not resist to mention it, of course…

Something along the lines of the world leaders and a circle jerk…

Feist makes me happy, as does Emily Haines. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The crowd’s reaction was too obvious. Poor Lisa. We still love her though.

Time for the closing act, or “the kicker” as some would say.


I was surprised to see so many people flooding away from the crowd making more room for me and others who were just as eager. The timing was just right, the sun was setting, and the mood was pretty solid.

This was a concert I never thought I would get to see. When I first saw the poster back in January I was a bit surprised and knew from the start if I wasn’t there, it would mean I must have died in a freak accident before being able to witness something so amazing. I would not let this happen.

Before getting there, I already knew what I wanted to hear. And they opened with a classic that made the crowd burst with excitement. What’s that, you say? Cut your hair.

They followed up with some songs I was really looking forward to hearing…Gold Soundz, Elevate Me Later, Shady Lane, Perfume-V, Range Life and Summer Babe.

Oh yeah, and Kevin Drew and Band of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell hit the stage with ’em.

A guy behind me was pretty excited about summer babe. It was the last song played before the encore, and he was yelling it the entire performance. They finally got the hint. They came back for an encore just to make us all a little more happy than we already were. My head was about to explode when they played Stop Breathin’. Could I possibly handle any more awesome? Answer: obviously.

This concert has been added to my top five. Even with the ridiculous ferry wait…which was about a little over an hour, it was well worth sailing away to an island to experience one of the best shows of my life. I apologize profusely if you were not there.

Over and out.

But I’ll be back for Bluesfest updates.

What are you doing Saturday?

My train ticket is booked and my ticket has been staring down at me from my tack-board since January. It’s safe to say I’m a little bit more than excited for Toronto Island this weekend. An all day jam with some of my favourite bands? Yes, this will be an epic weekend.

Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Band of Horses, Beach House, Timber Timbre, Zeus, The Beauties and Flash Lightnin’.

Can you say “amazing”. I know, I know…I am also stuttering. It’s been almost a year since my last rendezvous with BSS, and EXACTLY one year ago today if I remember correctly since I bumped into the lovely Mr. Brendan Canning at Grizzly Bear, where Feist made a special, and awesome appearance…

I’ll be posting photos, but unfortunately my SLR will not be able to enter. They are “prohibited” so the photos I post won’t be of uh, the best quality. Sadness, right? That’s why instead of looking at my photos, you should just get your hands on a ticket and sail on over!

If I never return to post again it is because I have died from an overload of awesome.