Today’s breakfast: tofu & egg scramble

I’ve been enjoying tofu lately. It definitely adds some substance to my veggie diet. So today I decided I’d try a tofu scramble. I ended up adding eggs, but crumbling firm tofu and grilling with veggies is the vegan option I’m sure I’ll be trying out soon enough.

Here’s what I did!

Cut up some peppers, tomato, and tofu. You can also add spinach, onion, mushrooms, etc.

 Grill the vegetables first in olive oil on medium heat. After a few minutes add the tofu.

Add some spices, too. I am currently loving Himalayan rock salt. I also added cayenne pepper and garlic.

You can add eggs like I did, or serve when tofu is slightly browned. Serve with croissant/toast and fruit of your choice! For an extra kick I added sriracha sauce.

Viola! Breakfast is served. Took very little time, too…which is convenient before work or school.


Hangover breakfast

Something delicious that uses a range of foods from your cupboard! I threw this together by chance, and it was delicious in every way.

It looked a little something like this:



What to do:

Make two over easy eggs and toast two piece of bread to golden brown.

Slice avacado and chop tomato.

Put all this together and smother salsa on top. The spicier the better. Add cheese it you like (havarti or brie, mmmm)

The final step would be to pour some coffee, open the newspaper and not think about the outside world for approximately 15-20 minutes while basking in the glory of your amazing hangover breakfast. Even if you’re not hungover.