Did it again…

If there is one thing I need it is more time in my life.

School and other things take over my time, but it’s all so fun.

Speaking of fun, I can finally explain my previous post! Bluesfest is long over, and once again my blog posts come very late. I’m trying to get better at this, at least I’m more punctual with Fashgasm!

Although I went to just a few shows at Bluesfest, I like to think I went to the best ones.

The first night I got to re-experience Coheed and Cambria, revisiting the obsession I had in highschool. And yes, I still know all the lyrics to every song. I was pleased that they mostly played their older albums.

Then I met a guy named Zac, he gave us these:

Which led us backstage and into these costumes…

Which led us to dancing onstage with The Flaming Lips for about an hour.

And then hanging out with my favourite hippy, Wayne Coyne. We talked about so many things for hours…life, drugs, music, everything. It’s a bit of a blur as I was lost in his awesome-ness.

We’ve never had more fun or been more excited. Ruby, Balnar and I decided that this was the greatest concert moment of our life. They also gave us t-shirts, Wayne signed them, and I have officially been nick-named “Mel Chills”. Because when Wayne says it, it’s truly official. Now no one can tell me that is not my name! It has the stamp of approval, obviously.

Best Bluesfest ever.

And to top it all off, I saw Claudio backstage. Along with the rest of Coheed and Cambria including Mic Todd, just days before the whole robbery fiasco. Naturally I reverted back to being 16 years old at the sight of Claudio’s huge hair and cute grin, waved like a maniac, shouted, quite awkwardly, “I love you” then ran onstage with the rest of the group. Some things never change.

The opening night of Bluesfest was by far the best. It was followed by other good times, like Skrillex, but I must say I was shocked at the number of children under the age of 16. People we’re stupidly violent and obnoxious, therefore, I will have to say Ritual wins when it comes to dubstep fun-times. Wasn’t feeling the crowd of underage people who don’t know how to deal with a bass drop, sorry. I had to get out of the crowd and move my way back so I could enjoy and groove in peace without spilling my beer/burning an innocent bystander with my cigarette.

Another night worth noting was with The Black Keys.

We waited in the rain for these two dudes for nearly two hours. It poured. And if not for a nice woman we have decided to call “Tarp Lady” we would have been much worse off. She kept us dry, and in turn most of us stuck it out. When they finally did come onstage I was extremely happy. After missing them the last time they were in Ottawa there was no way I was going to miss this!

This was also the night where the weather foreshadowed a disaster to come. Yes, the Bluesfest stage collapse that occurred on the final day, causing a cancellation of the bands I had wanted to originally see, but opted out to go to Montreal for the weekend. I made the right decision and fate played out.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Metric again during the two week long festival. I’ll always love Emily Haines.

I’m hoping I can catch more of Bluesfest next year…I’m also hoping that I find more of the line-up to be enticing. I’m not going to lie, 2010 was definitely better when it comes to performers, but my moment with The Flaming Lips was a highlight this year, and a highlight of my life for years to come!


It’s here!

Another year has passed and now it is finally the return of Bluesfest. Tonight is the night, ladies and gents. For the next two weeks there will be a truck-load of shows every evening for us to enjoy. Unfortunately my summer classes will deprive me of some evenings, but I think I have selected the concerts which cannot be missed.

Exhibit A:

The Flaming Lips.

I was expecting everything they gave me, and more, at last summer’s Bluesfest. And tonight they are back. I was hesitant if I should be skipping school but then I scoffed at myself for even considering missing this night of beauty. I promise, I’ll go to all my other classes.

I took this photo during my last encounter with The Flaming Lips. July 2010.

I’m also pretty excited to say that tonight, after years of no longer listening, I’ll be seeing Coheed and Cambria. The last time I saw them was in London…they were opening for Linkin Park. Me, being the fan girl I am, skipped the main act to hangout with Claudio and Travis. That was honestly my game plan the entire time. So tonight I’ll have a little throwback and maybe even return to the stage I was in at the age of 16. We’ll see…

My first encounter with coheed...

Other exciting things this week will be Skrillex, The Black Keys, Neon Indian and  M. Ward. Just to name a few. Hopefully you can find the time to stop in and have a blast with the rest of us.


Woah Bluesfest

It’s that time of year again. The line up has been released and then I go a little bit crazy. Mainly because I am a 15 minute walk away from this music festival that I love. While I was seriously considering Osheaga…Bluesfest has swept me away once again.

I mean, have you seen who’s coming? I think I’ll be getting my hands on a festival pass, same routine as last year. So much happiness can be sprung from one announcement. Click me!  <<< schedule.

So many choices, and a step up when it comes to the electro scene. Skrillex? Infected Mushroom? Girl Talk?

Yes! But as much as I love to dance, I’m really stoked that M. Ward will be hitting the stage. When I found him my heart may have skipped a beat.

And a little throwback to when I was 15 or so and had a massive crush on the lead singer of Three Day Grace. Don’t care about anything, I am going…and I’ll have flashbacks of the music videos and being an emo teenager with nothing to do.

There is so much more I could rant about, really. I could go on and on for days about Ra Ra Riot and Buck 65 but I won’t.

SO…Who are YOU most excited to check out this summer?



check out my posts on FASHGASM, and get inspired while you’re there too. fashion and sex, can’t go wrong.

Time to start again

I often fail at blogging. But Multimedia has inspired me to keep going.

I can’t give up yet.

I wanted to update, I swear, I did.

So now, I will. First I’ll start with the things I meant to post months ago, but could not find the time.

Awesome experiences of times I miss now. Summer felt like a long time ago so lets have a flashback, shall we?

It will be like in the movies, when the character is going through terrible times in life ad thinks about the days of freedom. In my case, I am reverting back to summer 2010 to forget about this paper I should be writing, the ideas I should be cooking up for later this week, and the stress levels that will be dissolving within a month’s time.

Okay, so I’ve heard that Arcade Fire was one of the best concerts of the summer here in good old Ottawa. Can I just say I agree? Because being at the front of that show with 15 of your good friends makes for something amazing.

We must have waited for hours. We camped out. We watched everything get set up. And waited some more…

When it happened I think we all screamed. I couldn’t even think about taking proper photos because I could only dance and sing and be happy. And that was probably one of the best nights of my summer. Come to think of it though, I don’t really remember any surrounding events of the day. I think I was with my friends. I think there was commotion. I think something bad happened to someone. I think I was on my bicycle going as fast as I could.

But I know where I was headed. And the destination for the evening was really all that seemed to matter. Work all day and Arcade Fire all night. The End.


But not really the end because this is just the first part of the journey into the past.

My sister and dad came down during Bluesfest as well. So obviously I had to take my younger sister to a concert! How could I not? Hilarity ensued, since we were with obviously amazing people who happened to be drinking big gulps. I think their tongues turned purple or red or some other colour not natural to the human mouth.

Anyways, we saw Stars. We missed Blonde Redhead. But I was okay with this.

I really, really like Amy Milan.

But I’m not going to lie. the first time I saw stars at the Bronson Centre about two years ago definitely trumped this show. It was far too tame for my loving. But still enough for my intense liking.

I think I slept really well that night. And my sister happened to meet a boy (man?) who would later turn out to be a big loser (in my books anyway). She learned…

I still remember the intense eyes comment that he made to Zoe. “Bitch eyes” is what he called them.

I laughed a lot. I think we all did.

And then we rolled our eyes. A lot.

My final Bluesfest Adventure was with my dear Julia. I almost sold my Weezer ticket. Almost. Then I didn’t. It was a good decision because I got to see Rivers throw garbage on the crowd and roll around in the garbage can which said garbage was once in. Entertainment at it’s finest. Really.

Unfortunately, due to being so far away, my pictures look like..well, garbage.

Fortunately, due to being so far away, I didn’t get anything dumped on me..like, well, garbage.

Basically people hate the new ablum and wanted the good old days back. Kind of like what I’m doing now. Luckily there was a pretty good mix of new and old to keep the crowd happy. Lots of sing alongs too. Could have guessed that though, right?

Bluesfest was amazing, but let me tell you, Folk Fest was a lot more chill, and therefore, at time, sometimes a little better. We laid in the grass for three days and listened to nice music. What more could I ever want? It was a perfect weekend with perfect music. The only thing that got to me was the commute. Once I was in Britannia Park, I was not leaving until the end of the day. But I did get to enjoy Bruce Peninsula several times that weekend. And other awesome bands. I have stories.

Including the best live performance of Crabapples I have EVER seen. Literally. He was on the ground. I wanted to be on the ground. I wanted to jump for joy. It was beautiful.


There was a lot of stomping in that tent. There weren’t too many people though. I was surprised because I love this band, so, so much.

Later we had The Acorn who I will actually be seeing in a few short weeks once my assignments have washed away.

One of the things I liked most about Folk Fest was the collaboration of bands. They would get onstage together and just go for it. Incredible.

It was kinda like this.

Hoots and Hellmouth, the Hidden Cameras, Arrested Development, Bruce Peninsula, and I believe Jill Zmud.

I might be missing something. My memory is foggy due to it being blasted with amazingness all summer long.

I discovered something new and different this summer. It was called Namgar. I can’t quite explain it, but it was amazing.

Before I try to explain it, experience it…

Yeah, I know. It was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it. and what she was wearing was incredible.

If I ever have the chance to see them again, I will not miss it! Remember the name NAMGAR!

I also saw The Hidden Cameras that weekend, as well as Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Horse Feathers, and Bahamas. I actually saw Bahamas the other night too, which I will get to later. There’s always a good story at his show.

Ramblin’ Jack was getting angry at photographers. It makes him lose his concentration. I refrained from taking photos, but others just could not seem to hold back. There was flashing all around. And Jack was not happy.

I also went and saw a movie about him the week before. It was really interesting. He’s had a strange and bumpy road. But it at least sounds like it was a lot of fun.

That weekend was quite rainy. I remember being in the rain with my umbrella. And I remember the schedule being changed. It was upsetting because it messed up my plans of seeing ALL the bands in their entirety. Jack was cut short, I’m afraid.

Here are some Hidden Cameras photos. I was dancing a lot. Next to the guys from Horse Feathers. Naturally, I don’t even have the guts to tell them how awesome their music is. I love their music so much. I think I might have explained this here before.

After a nice walk along the beach, through the grass, and so on (I also ate plenty of pad thai) I got to enjoy sweet, sweet music. Yes, more music, of course. How can I resist. Horse Feathers was practically a religious experience, and Bahamas melted my heart. You may have heard rumours he can be a bit of a self absorbed prick, but the man has a heart, and a beautiful soul, I’m guessing anyway. His songs make him seem like he does.

Funny story he told us…he wanted to swim. So he took off all of his clothes and ran into the water.

The water was up to his ankles. And he was wearing no clothes. There are PEOPLE around. I laughed a lot.

While I have no photos of either of these lovely bands, I can share this video of awesome via youtube. Thanks, youtube.

After this, I ordered my Sufjan Stevens Ticket. And then I proceeded to wait a few months to get blown away. I still can’t believe it has come and gone. I wish it could have lasted forever. I thought it might at one point, when he played Impossible Soul. I really did think it would never end.

The Opus Magnum of Love songs

The best show of my young adulthood.

I had basically devoted a few months to listening to The Age of Adz and All Delighted People EP. I mean really, I hardly listened to anything else. And I was surprised that no one knew any of the songs. But I guess I shouldn’t have been considering the album came out the day of the show. (I can’t resist, I pre-ordered it anyway so it’s not even stealing…)

All I can say is I’ve never been moved so much by one person. I don’t think anything he makes will ever disappoint me. And I really hope he’s back in this area again so I can re-experience the magic of Sufjan.

oh and…he danced.

And I captured it on video. you can thank me later.


Well, I guess that’s enough nostalgia for one night.

I better move on to present times.

I actually saw Bruce P. again last month. I really can’t get enough. Also, when I went home I was lucky enough to have an encounter with Ruby Coast. I seriously adore these boys from Aurora. I was really sad I missed them in Ottawa BOTH times these past few months.

As for my Saturday night with Bahamas…well, that included Afie taking a girls phone and hanging it up before telling the person on the line she was busy. It also included him doing a final pose for the photographers before they stomped off.

“Now you can ask that pretty little lady to dance and you won’t have that clunky camera between ya.”

Solid gold, Afie. Solid gold.

I also met a pretty cool band this weekend, unfortunately I didn’t get to hear them perform. I just got to drink with them. They’re from Saskatchewan and they’re called Violent Kin. It’s not really what I listen to but I have to admit it’s good. Hopefully they will come back so I can actually see them on stage!

Check it..


I think that’s enough.




Fridays are always awesome. But what makes this friday extra special?

Well, if you’re as much of a lover of Sufjan Stevens as I am, then I think you might already know the answer.

The new EP was digitally released today, but you can stream it here: http://sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/album/all-delighted-people-ep?auto=mp3-320

I bought the download, obviously couldn’t resist and I need that on my ipod. But I look forward to getting my hands on the vinyl come December…Listen to it. You might cry. I did. Twice. So amazing.

And if you like Toro y Moi and his amazing beats (you know I do. Borderline obsession?) then you should check out the new video for Low Shoulder. Good track, CRAZY video. You might be a bit confused. It’s definitely different then say, the Talamak video. Definitely a lot darker. Check it.

Video: Toro Y Moi: “Low Shoulder”.

As promised, many weeks ago…updates and photos. And I’m sorry, I really am. But this new job tires a girl out! Hopefully I’ll get better at this time thing, but blogging on time sensitive matters never really happens here…

SO the monday of Bluesfest was a free one in the market. And amazing. Jason Collett and City & Colour rocked it but I have to say, the audience surprised me. So much so, I had to get outta there!

When Jason came onstage my heart lit up, my soul lit up – yeah, I know, lame. But he does that to me. To the Dallas fans, not so much. I was confused (and annoyed) by the number of 16 year old girls and prepubescent boys who were saying rather loudly “who the fuck is this guy?” Um, who is this guy? It’s Jason Fucking Collett. Show some fucking respect. Who are these kids? And why do they not know who this amazing man is, when they probably go to every Broken Social Scene show in town. All I can say, is that I was slightly annoyed to have to hear “we want Dallas” as Jason sang I’ll Bring the Sun.

No hate on Dallas. I mean when I was 16 I loved him too. And I still think he’s an incredibly talented dude. I just really don’t understand why there are so many fans that exist when it comes to every band, that are so rude to other musicians.

It reminded me of the time I went to see Animal Collective last summer with Grouper opening. This girl can bow a lot of other talented musicians out of the water. But that night was disastrous. People were yelling, telling her to get off the stage, and that she “sucked”. I felt terrible. And it made it impossible for anyone to enjoy the music happening.

Sure, we all love AC, I mean that’s the main reason why everyone was there, correct? And Grouper is quite a lot more mellow, but just because you’re so anxious to get your groove on, doesn’t give you the right to bash someone in the middle of a performance.

ummm, /rant.

Anyway, here is a rather crappy photo. It was hard to take with so many screaming teenagers around. They were edging their way towards the stage in hopes that Jason would be getting off of it soon. So, so, sad.

I’m sure he had better things to do though, such as continue drinking. Did I mention he was completely shit-faced? All the more reason to love him!

The crowd went wild when they saw Dallas setting up his equipment. Literally screaming. I just wanted to hear some music…while most of the other girls wanted him to get on one knee and propose before the sunset.

Although I didn’t see the whole performance, what I saw is obvious raw talent. His voice gets me every time. I guess I can understand why the teeny boppers were screaming…but I just didn’t feel it was necessary to take part. I’d rather enjoy what’s happening. Either way, I was overwhelmed by the crowd and had to sneak away for a pint.

Before I left, however, an interesting thing happened. People were passing out left, right and centre the two weeks of Bluesfest. A guy even passed out right beside me during Jason Collett. Drugs? Heat? Over-excitement? Who knows.

But this girl in the audience passed out, and Dallas, being the beautiful and sensitive artist that he is, stopped the song until he knew she was okay. Talk about gettin’ all the other ladies riled up. I felt bad for her though, I think I would have been more embarrassed than flattered.

The next post I make will be the best one, I think you know that though, because Tuesday = Arcade Fire

I also have some Folkfest experiences to share, including multiple orgasms with Bruce Peninsula, staring into the eyes of Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen), being sucked into the music of Horse Feathers, and much more!

Until then…enjoy…

OH! And listen to Sufjan!

What happened today?

Do you know what happened today?

Besides thunderstorms.

Besides toonie Tuesday, ‘cheap’ Tuesday, and…well Shark Week started the other night so that’s exciting.

But that’s besides the point. Sure the U.K got it a day early but here in North America, we’re important too!

Arcade Fire’s new album, “The Suburbs” was released.

image via wikipedia

Very, very, exciting. Pick it up! Your ears will thank you!

I still have to post my arcade fire experience from Bluesfest, but I’ve been working like a dog lately. Updates sooooon!

Until then, I’ll be getting up at 6 am to go to work like a ‘normal’ human being. Whatever that means…

Bluesfest continued…

Sunday July 11th.

Relaxation station on Sunday. I love Sundays. I really do. If I had to choose a favourite day of the week, Sunday would totally win. And when you get to lay in the sun on the grass with Timber Timbre playing 15 feet away from you, that makes a Sunday even better!

Taylor Kirk’s voice is soft and strong all at once. He wore a mosquito net over his face and looked at us rather shyly. He seems very timid onstage. Watching the band perform is like slowly easing yourself into a hot bath. It’s so quaint, warm, and comfortable. We all appreciated the echoes of music and his deep vocals. What a sound. So much power comes from within his lungs and out of his mouth. his voice takes my breath away, to be completely honest. ‘Magic Arrow’ practically haunts me. But in the best way possible, of course. So does ‘Demon Host’, one of my favourites on the self-titled album…

Charlie Winston was to take the stage at 7:15, but still hadn’t when 7:45 rolled around. I was disappointed that they would overlap with Rush, and although I would have liked to stay I was swept away to the main stage where Rush performed.

If you’ve seen the trio before, you know what you are in for will be completely epic and even it even comes with an intermission. And you always wonder what will be taking the stage with Geddy, Alex and Neil. The last time I saw them on their Snakes and Arrows tour, they had rotisserie ovens with chicken cooking slowly throughout the show. And in the past they have also had household appliances, like washing machines. Strange, but awesome.

This time around, it seemed like giant jukeboxes from far away. But actually, they seemed to be…time machines.

Three hours of Rush. Yes, three hours, plus intermission. And a complete performance of Moving Pictures. Yeah, the whole album, live, in your face, right there. It was amazing. Completely and utterly amazing. It’s one of my favourite albums, so really, I can’t complain. No one can. They still no how to excite a crowd. And I love Alex Lifeson so much it is unreal. Just sayin’.

The fact that they make a real interesting show out of their concerts is awesome. The mini movie at the beginning, middle, and end just makes the show that much more entertaining.

Last I saw them was in Detroit, where they included clips of Bob and Doug Mackenize. Totally necessary, in my opinion.

So much talent in a three-piece. So, so, much. Hope you didn’t miss it.

I apologize for the lack of quality…too much blur, but so much goodness otherwise. Promise.

Wayne Coyne is my favourite hippy

Saturday July 10th, 2010.

By the end of this day, the streets of Ottawa were littered with confetti.

The sounds of love echoed off of buildings. The lights were flashing and the kids smoked too much weed and drank too much beer. Even without the substances, the heat and the performance could have pushed you over the edge.

It was something else, really.

And this is how it starts.


Well, I finally got to experience Bear In Heaven. My happiness cannot be explained. ‘Wholehearted Mess’ blew me away, as did ‘Fake out’. I walked into the venue fully expecting it. And I’m glad that my ears were not disappointed.

They were running a bit late getting onstage, I found a lot of the acts on the hard rock stage were. It made it difficult if you wanted to see other bands at similar times, my only complaint, though. They hit the stage a bit after 6, and I was beyond excited to see the mustached boys from Brooklyn. The crowd was small and the set up was pretty intimate. There was some swaying, but I think that once again, my friends and I were the ones who were dancing the most. We do that sometimes.

If you haven’t yet, please give Beast Rest Forth Mouth a spin. It’ll hook you, I promise.

I just had to catch a bit of Caravan Palace before it was over. The larger than life electronic-swing band from Paris is funky and almost indescribable. A little bit gypsy, a little bit electronic, a little bit of swing in the mix too. Dancing was in order, obviously. It was like a crazy dance party, but it was only 6:30. They really know how to get a crowd excited. People who were sitting couldn’t help but change their mind, make their way forward, and dance a little. This music makes you move.

If you haven’t heard them before, you should give them a listen. I never thought I would get to dance to these guys outside the perimeter of my living room!!

Absolutely incredible! Check it out:

After Caravan Palace it was time to camp out for what we had all been waiting for.

The Flaming Lips

We sat patiently waiting, listening to Roger Hodgson of Supertramp sing ‘Take the long way home’ in the distance. It was almost painful, but I just couldn’t sacrifice being this close to Wayne Coyne. We waited and waited. It was all worth it.

The sun was setting and the crowd was restless. Passion Pit was taking the hard rock cafe stage but when 9:30 rolled around we all remembered what we were here for. We were here for the ultimate experience. What seems to be a giant birthday party. What seems to be the best night of your life. And besides, we could see Passion Pit later at Ritual, where they put on a DJ set. By the way, it was pure Dubstep and it was amazing.

The screen lit up, the stage was filled with the colour orange. Cries of excitement. Everyone held their breath as the colourful outline of a naked and tattooed woman dances across the screen.

I was warned before hand, but maybe others didn’t realize that they would be stepping out of a giant vagina when taking the stage. Yes, the naked dancing lady seemed to give birth to The Flaming Lips on Saturday night as thousands of people looked on in amazement.

After all of the members made their way down the vaginal canal and onto the stage, Wayne climbed inside of his giant hampster ball contraption to float not-so-gracefully upon the audience. He fell quite a bit, but I think that was expected. It looked like a rather difficult task.

Opening with ‘The Fear’/’Worm Mountain’ was almost expected, and predicted by a few friends. I was impressed. The men in orange waved their arms onstage. We cheered, we jumped up and down, we got way too excited, like children who had just walked into a candy shop.

Other songs that had to be played, and were, included ‘the yeah yeah yeah song’ and ‘yoshimi battles the pink robots pt. one’. I was hoping for ‘free radicals’, I can’t even lie. But the setlist was still amazingly solid, and they did an epic finish with ‘Do you realize?’ It actually seemed to last forever. And I say that in a very very good way.

The Flaming Lips brought us the ultimate experience. There were balloons and smoke… and the confetti is probably going to be floating around for days. We’ll definitely remember this show. how could we forget?

Wayne Coyne is my favourite hippy. And he spread his love across Ottawa on Saturday night. He even sang atop a bears shoulders. The intensity of the show was incredible…pictures don’t do it justice.

There’s only one way to describe the night that was had…