Yes, we did just get a huge snow fall here in Ottawa, but I am still awaiting spring’s arrival and preparing myself in the mean time. I don’t know about you, but all of those gloomy months are hard to get through for me. I need some beauty routines to keep me feeling soft and fresh. There is nothing worse than dry, dull skin in the winter. Yes, most of the time you are covered up, but I still like to pamper myself. It’s refreshing and gives you a little mood boost. Also, it saves you the trouble of sloughing off all misery come April.

Here are a few things I like to keep in my cabinet:

A facial scrub. I’ve been using Clinique exfoliating scrub. This one is different than the seven day scrub because unlike that one, you cannot use this one daily. I only use it about once a week since I have rather sensitive skin.


I also have been trying out different masks here and there. I am a huge fan of Lush products, and their masks are always fresh. They need to be kept in your fridge, so when you slather it on it’s cold and refreshing. But beware – share with friends or use it up in a few weeks – they expire eventually. But for the price – around $7 for a small pot – it’s totally worth it. My ultimate favourite has been the BB seaweed mask. I have combination skin so it smoothed out my rough patches but didn’t leave my skin feeling too tight and dry.


Cosmetic Warrior was my second favourite. The smell might put you off because it’s packed with garlic, but it’s great for oilier skin or on weeks when you find yourself with a few spots.

As for moisturizing, I’m a Clinique three step system kind of gal. I use their moisturizing gel at night and in the morning. When my face is feeling a tad bit more thirsty I will occasionally use St. Ives Timeless Skin, but only at night.

Moving along to the torso…we so often forget about our legs in the winter. They are still there! Dying to be loved and begging for moisture! I usually use Vitabath moisturizing shower gel. My mother got me hooked on it a couple of years ago. It smells like the ocean, so you almost feel like you’re somewhere that doesn’t involve you stepping out into subzero temperatures. There are other scents you can try, but this one is my tried and true.


As for post shower moisturizing – my skin has never been too dry, but I usually buy those huge pump bottles of vaseline’s cocoa butter or aloe moisturizer. My feet are another story. I usually end up scraping at them a couple of times a week. I know, gross. But my foot savior has been Burt’s Bees coconut foot creme. This stuff is heavy duty, as in, slather it on, put on thick socks and wait until the sun rises. The results are amazing though.


And last but certainly not least we will move onto our mane. The wind and the cold love to torture our delicate tresses. I am in a constant battle of not allowing my hair to get too dry. The secret is letting yourself have second day hair, you might be surprised. Of course my thick hair makes this easier, finer hair might be a different story. On days when I’m feeling a little dried out I use a deep conditioner by Joico.


What are some of your beauty secrets to keeping yourself glowing through the winter months?


The hair situation

After years of denying my curls, I finally managed to embrace them. It took time, but now I do not use my straightening iron to merely straighten, but to give my hair some wave and some bounce. Since giving in to the natural wave, I find myself disliking the straight haired look…

One thing is for sure, curly girls, you need to learn to manage them. I was unaware for awhile, hence my hatred for them. Taming them is now second nature. You might even call it fun. And the best part of having thick curls or wave? Second day hair, without the grease! Sometimes it even looks better than the day before. I apologize to the ladies with thinner hair…

Curly girls, I recommend the following…

1. Ditch the blowdryer every so often. Letting your hair air dry is nice, and you might be surprised at how great it looks. I know I was.

2. Use a good shampoo. Pantene smells good but it leaves so much residue in your hair, it makes me want to gag. I like Redken and Biolage. Classic favourites.

3. Use the right product. And not too much either. Trust me, I’ve used almost every curl taming cream, mousse, gel, spray and serum there is. Very few have held my interest, as I am very picky. Thick pump creams weigh your hair down too much, so personally, I avoid those.

Moroccan oil is by far the best thing I have used. Doesn’t leave your hair greasy, and great for thick dry hair. So smooth!

When I DO blow dry my hair, I use this:

And for days I wanna be gelin’…

Sometimes I’ll put moroccan oil in my hair, let it dry, and then scrunch it out with gel. You just have to make sure you don’t use too much gel, helmet head is so 90s and we’re over it. There is nothing worse than a crunchy curl!

For a softer look, I take strands of hair and twist them around my straightening iron. Do this from root to tip, practice makes perfect because it takes some skill. But the results can be better than a curling iron if you do it right! Just need a rounded edge, like I have on my argan straightener.

These are my favourites as of today, but I try new product all the time, so I’ll keep you posted if I find something even better!

About face

I love moisturizer. Morning noon and night, hands legs and of course, face! After all, it is winter and nobody likes a flaky face!

I am truly a moisture junkie, I’ve tried it all!

Here are some of my favourites!

I know what you’re thinking, but honestly you should start using age defying moisturizer in your early 20s. The earlier the better if you want to stay wrinkle free longer!

A long time favourite, I may have a bias towards clinique. The gel is great if you have oilier or combination skin. Not too greasy and great to slather on before bed time.

This really does gives you a glow. Use at night or in the morning for a brighter complexion. I can vouch for that! I have been using it recently and seriously love it.

For the eyes! They are more sensitive and this stuff works wonders. I haven’t had shadows in quite a while. Also using eye creams with Q10 is a good idea. Apply morning and night!


Share your favourites!


Fall is here, so I am happy to welcome my leather boots back into my life.

I would like the weather to stay a bit warm for now though. I’m having trouble letting go of a few things…


But alas I must eventually. It’s a hard time, when the seasons change. But I always try to look on the bright side…chunky sweaters and knits are finally going to be freed from the confines of my closet. I think they will be pleased to get a peak at the great outdoors.

I’m moving into the new season with a different look. Darker colours, but lets be honest, I own a lot of grey and black. BUT my newest addition to not my wardrobe but my makeup case is a rather sultry red lipstick. I never thought I would, but alas, this weekend I slipped into MAC red and fell in love. FYI the paler you are the better it wears. It’s actually making me want to lose colour…
And to go with your intense lips you want a simple eye.
black liner it is. If you do it just right you don’t need and eyeshadow, maybe a neutral colour but personally, I dig a thick black line on its own. Beef up your lashes and your set.
my new favourite:
And to kick off with a tune…
it reminds me of being warm on a beach somewhere.