Warpaint, Warpaint, Warpaint.

When I first saw the advertisement telling me Warpaint would be at the Brighton Dome this month, I pretty much ran home immediately and bought tickets.

I first heard this band a few years ago when a friend sent me the song “undertow”.

I fell in love immediately. This is a four piece girl band, and there is a dark and eerie vibe they give off that attracted me most. Heavy bass, dreamy melodies, and echoey voices. It was like nothing I had ever listened to before. I was hooked.

Now, when these four ladies stepped onstage, I didn’t know what to expect. If their moody tunes would match their personalities onstage. But they were a rather fun loving bunch, teasing the audience and dancing around the stage. At one point someone yelled for them to take off their shirts. This was deflected with class and with a rather pointed “no”. There was laughter but it was sarcastic. These women are musicians, better than many men out there. Yet even when they take the stage to bring the audience something beautiful that they have meticulously crafted in garages or basements or studios…talent is ignored and tits are the centre of attention.

I have to say I was offended for them. But they quickly went into another song, drums slamming and guitar strings plucking. Beyond badass, the comment was forgotten within moments. The music is why we were here together under this roof.

The best thing about this group is their obvious chemistry. They just seem to be four best friends having a jam session, enjoying the flow of the music and even laughing. I could see them whispering to each other while playing, huge smiles on their faces. It was basically like watching a scene from GIRLS, if Hannah, Marnie, Shosh and ┬áJessa were in a band – they would be like Warpaint. Actually, what is freaky is how much the bass player TRULY looks like Jessa. I did a double take.

So at one point the lights were turned up and we had a dance party. They actively told the audience…we can see you…making us feel almost naked. It was a perfect way to get back at the idiot who asked for clothing to be removed. A subtle ‘fuck you’ to anyone who doubts the power of females and their ability to make some amazing beats. It ended perfectly, although bittersweet. Because who really wants an evening with Warpaint to ever come to a close?

So I left with a brain full of happy thoughts, and I dreamt of beaches and sand and dancing barefoot.