Spring is arriving, so I will return to the blogosphere at last.

Unless you have been following my personal blog on tumblr, or my twitter, you probably thought I had fell off the face of the earth. Alas, it is not so. I am here, still in Ottawa, surviving the cold and regularly enjoying the food & fashion & people.

My lack of posting can be blamed on working six days a week while trying to maintain a social life. Also my own personal projects have kept me busy, which I can now share with you all!

I have a rather big move coming up in the near future and I am hoping I can continue posting about things I love! I have seen and done a lot this winter and I would love to post recaps on some of those activities. I haven’t stopped taking photos obsessively, so my documentation is there, but my updating here has been lacking.

Here’s the deal:

I am moving the UK this summer. Naturally, I have been indulging in all of Ottawa’s finest activities because who knows when I will be back? I have learned to love this city over the past five years despite the complaints I have overheard from others. “Too boring” and “uncool” are just some descriptors, but I would happily disagree. I love the canal, the friendly people, the small town feel, and of course my cozy apartment in the Golden Triangle where I have lived and laughed and loved this past year with my amazing roomies. We all have to move on eventually, though. I decided my time had come, so I applied for a work visa, and now I am in the midst of preparing myself for one crazy adventure.

So far my 2013 has been crazy busy. But I’m hoping this won’t stop me from blogging more often! After all, spring is arriving slowly but surely, and this is the season where I am always finding myself most inspired.

So for now I will leave you with a few fall/winter memories.



A night with Crystal Castles in MTL. Amazing.


A winter sky in Sarnia, Dec. 2012


Experimental, Dec. 2012


A very special birthday. Jan. 2013


A new camera for Christmas.




Fall hikes in Gatineau.


New Roommates.


A wicked winter.






And of course, lots of cooking in between my days.

More to come…


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