Beet and potato salad (vegan!)

After biking 16 km today, I decided I needed a nice refreshing salad. I had some beets, potatoes, and other veggies I picked up at the market, so I thought a beet salad would be perfect!

It’s super hot outside and I needed something light and cool. Bonus: it’s vegan friendly, my favourite.

Me being the type who doesn’t really follow recipes…I just threw it together but it turned out great. Here’s what I did:

Boil 5 beets, 3 large carrots, and about 10 small red potatoes. Once they are cooked through, chop them up and put in a mixing bowl.

Chop up 3 pickles and some green onion. Add to the mix!

Time to add some spices and flavour.

I used paprika, pepper, himalayan sea salt, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice. A dash here and a dash there works, add as much or as little as you like. I’m not one for measuring when it comes to something like a salad.

For some spice, I also added one chili pepper. They are small but mighty!

Toss and put in the refrigerator to cool. Wait about 30-45 minutes, then enjoy!


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