I think I told you I’m hitting the beach in about a week…yes. Yes I am. Dominican, here we come! This calls for a bikini post. I love bathing suits…I may even purchase a new one for the trip despite the fact that I own a few and need to save money.

Now, let’s start with something simple. I have ground rules when it comes to bathing suits.

1. Say no to the thong bikini.

2. Allow for a bigger triangle to cover those nipples…please.

3. Make sure it fits. If that means swapping between sizes, do it. You don’t need a small size top because you are purchasing a small size bottom. Just accept it.

Now that we have that sorted…onto the bikinis! And other bathing under things…

Basic black, easy and classy. I adore it.


It’s hard to decide sometimes, but I dig cute patterns. The simpler the better. Unless you want a lot of colour.



Also, the standard bikini is no more. There are tons of cool styles I like, but you gotta watch your tan lines.

Urban Outfitters

Of course, if you’re not feeling the two-piece, a cute one piece works. I really love this one:

Wildfox Couture

Now I’m really in the mood for some beach time. Just a few more days.

Until then…two hours of pilates a day. Bikini season is daunting…and fast approaching.



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