I took some advice from my fellow Fashgasm blogger about adding a little colour to my wardrobe.

I went shopping the other day with a goal. But nothing black. This is a serious challenge for me. I feel uncomfortable in blue jeans, after all. But with spring on it’s way…well, despite the recent snowfall, I thought a splash of colour would do my wardrobe some good. And it would give me something to match my new lovely summer hat with!

The first thing I stumbled upon were some brightly coloured pants. I have found myself in some light pink gap jeans, but I found a coral pair that I just had to have. Step one of my colour journey.

American Eagle

I also had to add a few summery staples, like tank tops with some pretty details.

American Eagle

Lace is great right now. I noticed a ton of it at fashion week so why not invest in it? I have also exposed myself as a knit lover, so this type of purchase is imminent…but please! There is a fine line between classy and trashy when it comes to tops like these. Also, layering can be key when rocking one of these. I got something similar to this, but I prefer creamier colours blended in, and a gold zipper at the back was a nice touch!

Forever 21

And then there is the summer dress. Simple, sweet and classic.

I found a dress similar to this in a light orange, but I also dig these vertical stripes!

Forever 21

Those are just some of my recent indulgences and semi-obsessions…there will be more to come!

Thanks to Justine for the inspiration!

What’s on your wish list this spring?



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