About face

I love moisturizer. Morning noon and night, hands legs and of course, face! After all, it is winter and nobody likes a flaky face!

I am truly a moisture junkie, I’ve tried it all!

Here are some of my favourites!

I know what you’re thinking, but honestly you should start using age defying moisturizer in your early 20s. The earlier the better if you want to stay wrinkle free longer!

A long time favourite, I may have a bias towards clinique. The gel is great if you have oilier or combination skin. Not too greasy and great to slather on before bed time.

This really does gives you a glow. Use at night or in the morning for a brighter complexion. I can vouch for that! I have been using it recently and seriously love it.

For the eyes! They are more sensitive and this stuff works wonders. I haven’t had shadows in quite a while. Also using eye creams with Q10 is a good idea. Apply morning and night!


Share your favourites!


I’ve been hearing about a lot of hate for Valentines Day.

It’s ok.

Who needs boys when you can have shoes?




Steve Madden

Steve Madden

I’m getting really excited for warm weather and pretty colours, if you couldn’t tell already.

Stuff to buy for your boyfriend

I like boys with nice shoes, nice smiles and cool hats. Luckily my boyfriend has all three.

I also enjoy men’s clothing. I like to browse the men’s section with him, online and in shops.

Here are some good picks to style up your man.

Red Wing








More to come…I love men’s clothing too much.


I’m not normally a sequins kinda gal, but this number caught my eye, so I had to treat myself.

Oversized and falls off the shoulder, I have fallen in love.

But I really need to stop buying black! No matter how beautiful!


Oh, pleats!

Pleated skirts are a beautiful thing! But there’s a rule you have to follow – even my father knows this one! After attending a wedding with my mother some 20 odd years ago, another women there seemed to wearing the same pleated dress as my mother. My father scoffed, noting that she clearly was not wearing it as well as my slim mother – the pleats were pulling. Ow! That’s gotta hurt.

So to pull of a pleat one must ensure they buy the correct size, no cheating – I’ll know.

I recently found myself a sweet little number – a short black pleated skirt. Yum.


It has the smallest of pleats, which I wasn’t sure of but then I found myself loving. It’s not too schoolgirl, thank God.

Here are some other fab choices that I am considering, since I will have to slowly fade out the blacks and greys in my wardrobe eventually. The time will come. I’m also awaiting the day I feel comfortable whipping out my burnt orange pleated maxi – my legs, how they shiver.


Thakoon Addition


A good pleat is hard to come by!

But if you come across a god one, grab it and love it!

music note

I am obsessed with El Guincho and I can’t stop listening. Upbeat and makes me feel warm! They also make intriguing music videos that inspire me to flash drivers on the highway. BUT I haven’t done it…if you were wondering.

When you get the chance, listen to this album in FULL and don’t stop.

Wearin’ my leather

I know I’l be in my Jill Stuart winter jacket for a bit longer. But I can’t complain, how I love it so! The high collar is to die for, and makes me feel pretty badass when I pull it up.

But my latest leather purchase has brought me pure excitement and I suddenly remember that soon enough, I’ll be able to wear my floral dresses comfortably. As much as I love knee high socks and tall boots…the thought of spring arriving early brings me some sort of pleasure I can’t begin to explain!

There are few things I love more than a sheer blouse under a leather jacket. This will be my first outfit choice when the weather permits it.

I recently found myself with a faux leather BB Dakota Jacket. In love with it! I even had a dream about it last night, that’s how badly I want to wear it.

Paired with something along the lines of this:

All you need now is denim and a pair of flats! I have a red pair that I bought last month waiting patiently for me in my closet. But I do love my high boots, I will have a hard time leaving them.


I’m a simple girl, really.

Music notes

My passion for Do Make Say Think has been reignited as I ransacked my itunes in search of some great Canadian instrumental music. It had been awhile, but sometimes it’s good to run into the things you used to be obsessed with.

My music library has surpassed the 16,000 song mark, but I can always turn to this when I feel overwhelmed by choice!