Sunday fun day

Here again to give you some details from my Sunday night covering Ottawa Fashion Week for! There were quite a few flavours but I had my eyes on a few things. Saturday night may have been my favourite night, but Sunday was certainly a fun day (for those of us who weren’t hungover from too much champagne, anyway).

We also got to have a little fun with a charity fashion show featuring some celebs walking the runway for UNICEF.

Here are some of my favourites (and some that made me go, HUH?!) from the final evening of OFW. It was certainly something else!


Loft 604

This line wasn’t AMAZING but still classic and cool. Also, those pants are something I would put on my “stuff to buy your boyfriend” list.

Ella Peru

Ella Peru

Loving the high socks, of course. One of my favourite looks that I could recycle forever.

Ella Peru


A Complete stunner from Helmer!


But this is around the time he started to lose us. Confusion sets in!


If you were there, I’m sure you heard the whispers…


A real glassy dress, the music stopped and all we heard was her walk. Luckily, she was amazing.


And our final “wtf” moment…


Absolutely one of my favourites! It made me truly miss my maxis!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for some street style and my article before the end of the week! Until then, check out all of the outfits from OFW at

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