Nail it down

I love painting my nails, and I am 100% natural. Never had fake nails and I have promised myself I never will. I get that manicure on what I have grown myself!

My latest experiment has followed the ring finger trend that has been popping up everywhere since last year. I have whole-heartedly decided that if you choose the right colours it can really glam up your look.

First, if you’re wondering WHY it’s the ring finger, it’s because it’s the finger that usually catches our eye first. Once you splash some polish on there, this is even more true.

How to pull off the look?

Use a colour that stands out. Some combinations may fail miserably, while others will shine. I really enjoy pale colours with the ring finger painted with silver or gold glitter. Yes, glitter. On one finger, it’s okay!

You can also go with more bold colours all around. Some dark nails paired with a bright colour that really pops.

I recently tried a vampy purple with a metallic green/teal colour. As I brushed on each stroke of polish I felt a bit of hesitation, but in the end I felt as though it was right. Then I fell in love.

Essie's "Material Girl" paired with Wet N' Wild's "Caribbean Frost"

What do you think of this trend? Tacky or lovable?

My vote is going to lovable, though I can see why it might be cringeworthy. Some colours are never meant to be together, so be careful! I’m one to pair weird patterns and even clashing colours, but there’s a way to do it right and a way to do it WRONG!

Share your thoughts!

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