Oh, pleats!

Pleated skirts are a beautiful thing! But there’s a rule you have to follow – even my father knows this one! After attending a wedding with my mother some 20 odd years ago, another women there seemed to wearing the same pleated dress as my mother. My father scoffed, noting that she clearly was not wearing it as well as my slim mother – the pleats were pulling. Ow! That’s gotta hurt.

So to pull of a pleat one must ensure they buy the correct size, no cheating – I’ll know.

I recently found myself a sweet little number – a short black pleated skirt. Yum.


It has the smallest of pleats, which I wasn’t sure of but then I found myself loving. It’s not too schoolgirl, thank God.

Here are some other fab choices that I am considering, since I will have to slowly fade out the blacks and greys in my wardrobe eventually. The time will come. I’m also awaiting the day I feel comfortable whipping out my burnt orange pleated maxi – my legs, how they shiver.


Thakoon Addition


A good pleat is hard to come by!

But if you come across a god one, grab it and love it!

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