Wearin’ my leather

I know I’l be in my Jill Stuart winter jacket for a bit longer. But I can’t complain, how I love it so! The high collar is to die for, and makes me feel pretty badass when I pull it up.

But my latest leather purchase has brought me pure excitement and I suddenly remember that soon enough, I’ll be able to wear my floral dresses comfortably. As much as I love knee high socks and tall boots…the thought of spring arriving early brings me some sort of pleasure I can’t begin to explain!

There are few things I love more than a sheer blouse under a leather jacket. This will be my first outfit choice when the weather permits it.

I recently found myself with a faux leather BB Dakota Jacket. In love with it! I even had a dream about it last night, that’s how badly I want to wear it.

Paired with something along the lines of this:

All you need now is denim and a pair of flats! I have a red pair that I bought last month waiting patiently for me in my closet. But I do love my high boots, I will have a hard time leaving them.


I’m a simple girl, really.

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