February already?

My life has recently become a blur!

Especially the past few days, thanks to a poorly times liver infection. I’ve been spending time in bed with unpronounceable medications and pain killers that make me feel extra drowsy.

I am currently spending some time in the wonderful Montreal, unfortunately I am confined to my boyfriends bedroom with a lot of liquids and rest. This is sad, because all I want to do is go shopping, get a latte, and even do my homework. You’d be surprised at how doing nothing can make you have a sudden desire to do everything!

I’ve been extremely happy with my radio productions thus far, but luckily this week I will at least get to help out with the music editor. Luckily I am a big fan of Canadian music and know a lot of instrumental bands off hand.

Moving on. Obviously this winter has been confusing at the least. But as long as I get my knits, I am a happy girl!

A favourite of mine was actually stumbled upon at forever 21. A cute puppy managed to get his claws into it too soon, but I think I salvaged it to the best of my ability.

And as for what I am currently drooling over…

Stefanel S/S 2012. Keep dreaming. But hey! The new Urban Outfitters catalogue is out and I like what I see. I’ll be doing yet another cleaning of my closet to welcome a few new pieces. If I feel better tomorrow I might even hit up downtown Montreal for a quick peak into UO and H&M.


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