Fall is here, so I am happy to welcome my leather boots back into my life.

I would like the weather to stay a bit warm for now though. I’m having trouble letting go of a few things…


But alas I must eventually. It’s a hard time, when the seasons change. But I always try to look on the bright side…chunky sweaters and knits are finally going to be freed from the confines of my closet. I think they will be pleased to get a peak at the great outdoors.

I’m moving into the new season with a different look. Darker colours, but lets be honest, I own a lot of grey and black. BUT my newest addition to not my wardrobe but my makeup case is a rather sultry red lipstick. I never thought I would, but alas, this weekend I slipped into MAC red and fell in love. FYI the paler you are the better it wears. It’s actually making me want to lose colour…
And to go with your intense lips you want a simple eye.
black liner it is. If you do it just right you don’t need and eyeshadow, maybe a neutral colour but personally, I dig a thick black line on its own. Beef up your lashes and your set.
my new favourite:
And to kick off with a tune…
it reminds me of being warm on a beach somewhere.