Summer? Is that you?

What’s with all the drab weather?

Of course the day of my exam is gorgeous, but the next day is asking me to wear my rain boots. Mother nature, what have we done to make you so angry? But I guess it’s only April…except last year at this time…well, I’d rather not discuss. It might make me upset…

So I’m just waiting for the sun to gather enough courage to come out. In the meantime, I am not in school, unemployed, and somewhat bored during daylight hours. Let the summer job hunt begin. I’m also taking summer class for the first time in my life. Should be interesting…

I’m just excited to go for bike rides and read on the canal.

Speaking of bicycles…

I really do love my St. Tropez, but this model makes me mouth water. I really need to stop tempting myself…



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