Today I found The xx dubstep remixes.

If you can imagine, I was happy. Dubstep remixes make me happy beyond belief. Actually, just dubstep in general makes me happy.

Other things that make me happy include:

being done my newscasts


my queen size pillow-top bed


my space heater


A lot of things that make me happy have to do with warmth.

Anyways. Today when I was on the bus I was thinking about how the most awkward encounters I have are actually ON the bus. And it’s kind of hilarious. For example, falling on someone’s lap. And the sly but awkward ‘I no longer want to sit beside you move’ which I actually pull quite often. For some reason when I do it I think nothing of it. But of course when someone does it to me I sit there for five minutes wondering if I smell weird. I don’t.

People just like space, apparently. I know I do.

Other awkward bus experiences…

– this one time a few weeks ago I was standing, and then someone got off the bus near the front. I just kept standing, because I’m young and can handle it. Then this other young man was insisting I sit. DO I LOOK 50?! No. I hope not. I’m 20. Please. So I sat down, and then for the next 15 minutes felt like an old lady.  It was terrible. And awkward. Of course.

– Sometimes when I’m on the bus I see people I know. But I act like my iPod is the most interesting thing in the world. That awkwardness is my own fault, of course. The worst is when I have to remove my ear buds. Not in every case, but some cases. I just want to listen to music, people.

– Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean every day) the bus is jam packed with people. So when I am forced to stand ridiculously close to someone I don’t know, I get really weird about it. And make weird movements while trying not to make contact. Awkward contact. Awkward.

– Sitting next to someone and I want to change the song on my iPod. But my iPod is in the pocket that is closest to that person. So I lean weirdly to one side to remove iPod from said pocket. And then they look at you. and then you change the song. And turn it up really loud. Hopefully this song is badass therefore making you look badass.

– Sometimes I don’t know when Tunney’s Pasture is. So I have to stand and look around oddly. And then sit back down. And repeat. I often look like I am unaware of where my destination is when I actually go there several times a week.

That’s enough awkward for today.


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