The past few days have been a blur mainly consisting of Sufjan Stevens. If you still haven’t at least streamed the EP, you are seriously missing out. I’m not too worried about wearing the album out, because lets face it, can you really wear this guy out? I’ve listened to Seven Swans, Illinois, Michigan…probably hundreds of times but every time I put them on they still feel fresh. How is that? How does he do that?

I’m hoping witnessing him do this live might help me understand my favourite musician [of all time] a little bit more. I’ll probably just have my jaw dropped the entire time though.

OH, yes, ladies and gents. Perhaps I failed to mention that I have recently purchased a ticket to see this beautiful man in Montreal. It’s safe to say that once I see Sufjan, I’ve seen everything I’ll ever need to see, and I’ll be okay with anything that comes my way.

But anyway, I just wanted to say that even while at work, the tune of The Owl and the Tanager follows me. I leave my ipod behind, and it is nestled within the mess of my room somewhere, but the music seems to follow me, and it’s all mixed up in a mess of emotions. Since Friday, I’ve listened to it in it’s entirety, well over 15 times. Perhaps over 20 times. I don’t listen to anything else and though you may call this dangerous I call it working my way into understanding.

You can feel anything when you listen. Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration. The tension of last Friday, it all comes back so quickly. And every song makes me feel something, reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Was it that one time, when I was 16…? I don’t know. I probably never will.

How can something so delightful, also be so depressing? But then, when I start the album all over again, it’s refreshed back to being happy. I think this could be one of the best of 2010. Usually, I try not to dig too deep, but I just can’t seem to help it because the music gets to me on such a personal level.

And since I’ve been listening non-stop, everything I do seems to be to the sounds of Sufjan. I’m not complaining, though.


Fridays are always awesome. But what makes this friday extra special?

Well, if you’re as much of a lover of Sufjan Stevens as I am, then I think you might already know the answer.

The new EP was digitally released today, but you can stream it here: http://sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/album/all-delighted-people-ep?auto=mp3-320

I bought the download, obviously couldn’t resist and I need that on my ipod. But I look forward to getting my hands on the vinyl come December…Listen to it. You might cry. I did. Twice. So amazing.

And if you like Toro y Moi and his amazing beats (you know I do. Borderline obsession?) then you should check out the new video for Low Shoulder. Good track, CRAZY video. You might be a bit confused. It’s definitely different then say, the Talamak video. Definitely a lot darker. Check it.

Video: Toro Y Moi: “Low Shoulder”.

As promised, many weeks ago…updates and photos. And I’m sorry, I really am. But this new job tires a girl out! Hopefully I’ll get better at this time thing, but blogging on time sensitive matters never really happens here…

SO the monday of Bluesfest was a free one in the market. And amazing. Jason Collett and City & Colour rocked it but I have to say, the audience surprised me. So much so, I had to get outta there!

When Jason came onstage my heart lit up, my soul lit up – yeah, I know, lame. But he does that to me. To the Dallas fans, not so much. I was confused (and annoyed) by the number of 16 year old girls and prepubescent boys who were saying rather loudly “who the fuck is this guy?” Um, who is this guy? It’s Jason Fucking Collett. Show some fucking respect. Who are these kids? And why do they not know who this amazing man is, when they probably go to every Broken Social Scene show in town. All I can say, is that I was slightly annoyed to have to hear “we want Dallas” as Jason sang I’ll Bring the Sun.

No hate on Dallas. I mean when I was 16 I loved him too. And I still think he’s an incredibly talented dude. I just really don’t understand why there are so many fans that exist when it comes to every band, that are so rude to other musicians.

It reminded me of the time I went to see Animal Collective last summer with Grouper opening. This girl can bow a lot of other talented musicians out of the water. But that night was disastrous. People were yelling, telling her to get off the stage, and that she “sucked”. I felt terrible. And it made it impossible for anyone to enjoy the music happening.

Sure, we all love AC, I mean that’s the main reason why everyone was there, correct? And Grouper is quite a lot more mellow, but just because you’re so anxious to get your groove on, doesn’t give you the right to bash someone in the middle of a performance.

ummm, /rant.

Anyway, here is a rather crappy photo. It was hard to take with so many screaming teenagers around. They were edging their way towards the stage in hopes that Jason would be getting off of it soon. So, so, sad.

I’m sure he had better things to do though, such as continue drinking. Did I mention he was completely shit-faced? All the more reason to love him!

The crowd went wild when they saw Dallas setting up his equipment. Literally screaming. I just wanted to hear some music…while most of the other girls wanted him to get on one knee and propose before the sunset.

Although I didn’t see the whole performance, what I saw is obvious raw talent. His voice gets me every time. I guess I can understand why the teeny boppers were screaming…but I just didn’t feel it was necessary to take part. I’d rather enjoy what’s happening. Either way, I was overwhelmed by the crowd and had to sneak away for a pint.

Before I left, however, an interesting thing happened. People were passing out left, right and centre the two weeks of Bluesfest. A guy even passed out right beside me during Jason Collett. Drugs? Heat? Over-excitement? Who knows.

But this girl in the audience passed out, and Dallas, being the beautiful and sensitive artist that he is, stopped the song until he knew she was okay. Talk about gettin’ all the other ladies riled up. I felt bad for her though, I think I would have been more embarrassed than flattered.

The next post I make will be the best one, I think you know that though, because Tuesday = Arcade Fire

I also have some Folkfest experiences to share, including multiple orgasms with Bruce Peninsula, staring into the eyes of Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen), being sucked into the music of Horse Feathers, and much more!

Until then…enjoy…

OH! And listen to Sufjan!

What happened today?

Do you know what happened today?

Besides thunderstorms.

Besides toonie Tuesday, ‘cheap’ Tuesday, and…well Shark Week started the other night so that’s exciting.

But that’s besides the point. Sure the U.K got it a day early but here in North America, we’re important too!

Arcade Fire’s new album, “The Suburbs” was released.

image via wikipedia

Very, very, exciting. Pick it up! Your ears will thank you!

I still have to post my arcade fire experience from Bluesfest, but I’ve been working like a dog lately. Updates sooooon!

Until then, I’ll be getting up at 6 am to go to work like a ‘normal’ human being. Whatever that means…