Shocking and good

If you haven’t seen M.I.A’s new video for “Born Free” then you should. But not while eating, or if you have a weak stomach. But if you can handle blood and guts then by all means, go for it.

Youtube has deleted the mini-movie already but it can be found here —>

Image via Pitchfork

It’s about nine minutes, and if you’re too afraid to watch it, then I completely understand. It’s basically U.S troops (uh-oh) rounding up a minority group. In this case, red-headed boys. They are taken to a desert, and, well, killed. But it’s not just violent, it has a point about genocide and war, and quite obviously, the U.S.A. While you can laugh at the whole red-head thing (I’m a red head myself, so I’ve heard it already) the video makes a statement. Red heads aren’t the usual victims of war and genocide, however, other minorities, while not specifically pointing any out, are.

Basically, it’s awesome. And so is M.I.A. That’s my opinion anyway.

Enjoy the video, if you dare.


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